A T-Shirt for Influencers Who *Have* To Go to Every Single Sage-Scented Minimalist Boutique

When every cool boutique looks and smells the same, how do you break through the noise?

Jun 22 2018, 3:26pm

Photo illustration by king of the jungle Ben Park.


I have just returned from a Chris Black Influencer Boutique World Tour™. It started with East Coast tertiary markets (#iheartboston) and ended in Europe (#jadoreparis). When I travel, my goals are simple: check out every cool store and eat at only the best restaurants—and gram the hell out of it! I visited stores that you, a fashion enthusiast, have probably heard of: RSVP Gallery, All Too Human, CNTRBND, Merci, The Broken Arm, Tom Greyhound, Goodhood, Oi Polloi, Dover Street Market. I like to browse and share my findings via multiple social media platforms. I lovingly refer to this practice as The Chris Black Retail Report™, an homage to Mister Mort, a man who, like myself, is not afraid to share his opinions with the world.

By the time I got to London, I was fatigued. I had been in so many cool boutiques carrying Acne, vintage books, the new issue of 032c, and expensive apothecary, that it was all starting to look (and smell) the same! After dropping my bags at the Nobu Hotel Shoreditch (LOL, it has a great gym), I went for a stroll in the neighborhood. I hit Artwords for some magazines and then made my way over to Goodhood. I needed some quality merch to commemorate the Chris Black Influencer Boutique World Tour™, but what could break through all the sandalwood-scented noise? After perusing for a bit, a white t-shirt with a vibrant toucan on the back caught my eye. Nothing says summer like bright colors and a fun bird!

The shirt is from a brand called Powers; its creator, Eric Elms, is a very talented artist who has worked with all of your favorite brands. His new collection had just been released, and I am really glad I saw it on that gray Saturday in London. It brightened my mood immediately. I can’t wait to do the only thing better than throwing it on the gram: wear it!

You gotta love it!
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