I WEAR Film Posters Because Your Man Is a Red-Blooded Cinephile

These film t-shirts get a 100% Fresh Rating!

by Chris Black
Apr 3 2018, 11:55am

To us, photo illustrator Ben Park is a GOD.


Growing up, I was so immersed in music that I just glazed over an entire art form: film. What a mistake! As I got a little older, I realized that films were often the inspiration for the things I was visually attracted to, like blonde girls in striped shirts. With services like Netflix and FilmStruck, I’ve now become a Film Guy without ever leaving the comfort of my East Village abode. I plop down on my couch with a cold seltzer water and think deeply about French New Wave classics from director Éric Rohmer or American independent adventure dramas directed by Gus Van Sant. Who needs film school when you have wifi and free time! I am the Criterion Collection, bitch!

Anyways: when one of my Twitter followers sent me a link to Research Material, I was intrigued. People love to point out t-shirts to me these days (thanks to this very column), but usually, they are not very good. But like Jeanne Moreau in a Truffaut masterpiece, these jumped off my MacBook screen! The logo header was super cool and the three t-shirts offered were hits! The designer Tyler Wray created excellent wearable homages to three classic (and oft-referenced) films: Paris, Texas; Mean Streets; and Badlands. They look like wearable film posters, so now everyone will know you think cinema is the highest form of art, the most exquisite mode of narrative expression. I instantly smashed the purchase button on the Badlands shirt. The front image of Holly (Sissy Spacek) and Kit (Martin Sheen) is so iconic; I couldn’t resist. A beautiful t-shirt for a brilliant film! 100% Fresh Rating, baby!

Two thumbs up!!!!
A swirling choreography that's captivating to wear!!!!
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