A T-Shirt to Honor Jackie O’s Mambo Instructor

Richard Avedon photographed a totally major dance instructor and this tee is worthy of him!

May 24 2018, 8:00pm

Omg another Ben Park banger. 


I am friends with a group of cool young guys (yeah.) Many of them work and hang out on the popular shopping thoroughfare of La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. Though I am now an “old head,” I worked retail in my early twenties, so I feel a deep kinship with this ragtag bunch who are living that commission lifestyle. They keep me informed on important topics like SoundCloud rap, streetwear industry gossip, and new Red Bull flavors.

But these guys are much different than I was at that age. They’re focused on making things and being well-rounded creative members of society. I was focused on cocaine, Nike Dunks, and Britpop. Wasted youth, baby!

Anyway, one of these guys, Tim Coleman, made an incredible Richard Avedon bootleg t-shirt to celebrate what would have been the late photographer’s 95th birthday. The original was made to commemorate an exhibition of his work at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1994. The clean white tee features an image of famous “high society” dance instructor, Killer Joe Piro, who ran the New York dance scene from the 1940s-1960s. He taught Jackie O and the Duke of Windsor how to mambo! The real t-shirt is extremely rare and costs like $300, so my man just made some bootlegs for the crew. But now, for a limited a time, you can cop. Nothing gets me more excited than young people showing respect to the all-time legends. The kids ARE alright!

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