Rachel Rabbit White Wants You To Write Poetry On The Clock

Ahead of the release of her book "Porn Carnival," the writer and poet discusses personas, orgies, and how a Seal song (yes, that one) became an unlikely inspiration for one of her poems.
Fiona Alison Duncan
a day ago

Bunny Rogers' Zombie High

"Sanctuary," is the artist's first large-scale solo performance, presented at Performa 19.
Scott Indrisek
a day ago
the canvas

Sotheby's Amy Cappellazzo Tells It Like it Is

The art world powerhouse has a frank conversation with The Canvas' Jeremy Hodkin about working at the famed auction house.
Jeremy Hodkin
a day ago

Was Grime Britain's Last Subculture?

A new exhibition documents London’s grime kids, ravers, and punks from an age before the Internet. What can it tell us about nostalgia in the gallery?
Megan Wallace
a day ago
right now

A Night in Sunset with Ian Schrager and DJ Harvey

The nightlife icons discuss what makes the perfect party, and yes, Studio 54.
Eliza Harper Wallace
a day ago

How Pop Culture Distorted Pre-Raphaelites Idea of Womanhood

Pre-Raphaelite women went against the norms of their time, so how did they become symbols of passivity?
Angelica Frey
a day ago

In Susan Sontag's First Film, Clothes Become Language

"Duet for Cannibals" celebrates it's 50th anniversary this year and it's just as puzzling as it ever was.
Colleen Kelsey
a day ago

In "Varda by Agnès," Agnès Varda Reveals the Joys of Creating Art

GARAGE talks to the filmmaker's daughter about the new biopic which hits cinemas on November 22nd.
Nadja Sayej
a day ago

The Movie That Imagines Kathy Acker, Before She Became the Iconic Writer

Maya Hawke stars in Aida Ruilova's short film, which premiered this week at the Nitehawk Cinema Shorts Festival
Jocelyn Silver
5 days ago
GARAGE Magazine Issue 17

GARAGE Fusions: Telfar x Jeremy O. Harris

Fashion designer Telfar Clemens and theater world luminary Jeremy O. Harris are thinking about the country, and their future. Photography: Roe Ethridge. Fashion Editor: Avena Gallagher
Laia Garcia-Furtado
GARAGE Magazine Issue 17

GARAGE Fusions: Solange x Jacolby Satterwhite

In their individual practices, Solange and multimedia artist Jacolby Satterwhite have always done things their own way. Together, they became a force of nature. Photographer: Ronan McKenzie. Fashion Editor: Kyle Luu.
Thea Ballard
GARAGE Magazine Issue 17

GARAGE Fusions: Robyn x Samara Scott

The pop singer Robyn and the artist Samara Scott are both interested in exploring their feelings, and in the process, uncovering the very things that make us human. Photographer: Luke Gilford. Fashion Editor: Dogukan Nesanir
Emma Specter