Photo illustration by the king Ben Park.

Is There a Secret Message Encoded In This Beautiful Graphic Tee?

It *says* “Of Water”—and maybe something more!

by Chris Black
Feb 20 2018, 4:35pm

Photo illustration by the king Ben Park.

After what I put you, the loyal reader, through last week with the vulgar T.I. shirt, I wanted to even things out a bit with something classic and tasteful. A shirt created to please, as opposed to shock and disgust.

My friends Chris Glickman and Isaac Friedman-Heiman are two talented art directors who recently started a studio together called Eaude. To celebrate, they have created a very cool white long sleeve featuring some intricate...freehand calligraphy! I, for one, love some hand lettering. In our digital-first society, it’s nice to see someone take it back to basics. It requires great skill—much more than your problematic fave with a stolen Adobe Suite on his beat-up laptop making cookie cutter graphics for his Big Cartel store.

On a side note: when I was younger I heard a really good middle school rumor that the cursive Stussy logo said “I’m Gay.” To this day, when I look at the logo, that is what I see. I have stared at this Eaude calligraphy for awhile; I know it says “Of Water”—BUT if you see something else, please let me know. Anyway, catch me wearing this at Gem while I sip an espresso and impress people whose passion is actually graphic design.

(Editor's note: You can't buy this shirt anywhere; it's F&F only. Extremely VIP. But commerce is not the point of this column.)

A really hot shirt with a WEIRD MESSAGE (????).