Photo illustration by Ben Park.

This Is the Perfect Shirt to Buy Coke In

Shopping, partying, and eating pancakes at Mr. Chow: this is the t-shirt for you.

by Chris Black
Dec 12 2017, 1:54pm

Photo illustration by Ben Park.

2007 was an excellent year for me. The band I managed got a major label record deal, I was flush, and the drugs seemed cheap. I still lived in Atlanta, but I was going to New York City and Los Angeles regularly. Those frequent trips were for “work,” but I spent most of my time shopping, partying, and going to restaurants like Mr. Chow (show me a better scallion pancake—I’ll wait).

The Nom De Guerre store in an unmarked basement on Broadway was easily the coolest retail store I had ever been in. It was the blueprint for what a multi-brand men’s store is today. They had all the heat from Nike, Surface to Air (EVERYONE had a silver three finger ring from S2A), Band of Outsiders, A.P.C., and Trickers. The in-house line has reached cult status in recent years, but the Japanese Americana military look was not totally my thing. They did, however, always produce a range of graphic t-shirts. The “Young Americans” shirt from F/W 2007 really spoke to me. Maybe it reminded me of the classic Bowie song, or maybe it was because I was literally a young American, but I bought it and wore it quite often. It was a simpler time: cool stores could afford to open interesting spaces downtown, “hipster” wasn’t a dirty word, and the graphic t-shirt market was way less saturated. I am getting misty just thinking about it.

This is it! The shirt. I guess Chris got this photo off the internet? Who's to say. Killer tee.