Anna Cleveland. Image courtesy of Visionaire.

Visionaire Imagines a Thom Browne Alien Drama Set in a Psychedelic Labyrinth

A first look at the fashion film set in “AMAZE,” an installation by Rafael de Cárdenas presented by Visionaire at the Cadillac House Gallery.

by Erin Schwartz
Jun 5 2018, 4:21pm

Anna Cleveland. Image courtesy of Visionaire.

The best alien stories are mysteries: it’s important that you don’t identify the extraterrestrials right away. They lurk around corners, under the ground, or they walk among us, assuming a human form until a small gesture gives them away. In a new fashion video from Thom Browne, it’s hard to say whether model Anna Cleveland is an earthling or not: she looks human, but there’s something uncanny about the way she squirms and trips down a lemon-walled corridor in an embellished coat from the brand’s Spring 2018 collection and dances in front of a vertiginous black-and-white panel in a batted cocoon of a dress, majestically bulbous enough for the queen of an alien hive.

The video was filmed in AMAZE, a labyrinthine installation curated by Visionaire on view at the Cadillac House Gallery in NYC through June 10, designed by architect Rafael de Cárdenas with sound by Sahra Motalebi. The winding corridors have the ambience of a glamorous 1960s lounge transported into an M.C. Escher drawing. There are references to Op Art, as well as the visual tricks—false mirrors, one-way glass—and the eerie soundtrack of a carnival funhouse. As disorienting as it is enticing, it makes the perfect scene for Thom Browne’s supernatural designs.

See the video below, and visit AMAZE at the Cadillac House Gallery through June 10.

Video courtesy of Visionaire.

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