What In God’s Own Blessed Name Would A Rihanna Furniture Line Look Like?

Rihanna x Prouvé? Rihanna x IKEA? WE NEED ANSWERS!

by Emma Specter
Sep 14 2018, 7:07pm

After a Savage x Fenty runway show so hot it reportedly sent Slick Woods into labor, queen of all trades/GARAGE cover girl Rihanna has announced her next dream venture: furniture design.

When Women's Wear Daily asked Rihanna about her dream project at Thursday's Diamond Ball, she played it coy (but of course), musing aloud, “Hmm, should I tell you?” before admitting she wanted to release a furniture line.

“But I need time for that,” she added, striking fear into the hearts of interior design junkies and Rih stans alike. Just how long must we wait for this Rihanna furniture line we didn't know was possible until yesterday, yet now find ourselves hungering for with a desperation that defies the constraint of words?

Whether Rihanna's furniture line comes to fruition or not, it's a fun thought experiment to imagine what Home x Rihanna might look like. Will she throw her fans a bone with an IKEA collaboration, a la Virgil Abloh? Will her interior design be confined to luxury boutiques, or will we be able to proudly gesture to our $20 sheets and brag that they're Rihanna for Target? Either way, the idea of coming home to a Rih-approved dinner table (or desk, or weird little Marie Antoinette-style fainting couch) sounds awfully appealing.

A possible chaise prototype? Photograph by Deana Lawson.
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