Photo illustration by gym king Ben Park.

A T-Shirt That Would Make Arnold Schwarzenegger Proud

A new brand wants you to leave your ratty gym clothes in the past.

by Chris Black
Jul 18 2018, 7:39pm

Photo illustration by gym king Ben Park.

You may have heard of this little trend called athleisure. It has seemingly fashion-forward women donning unsightly two-toned leggings to get an acai bowl to #murder #out #that #brunch, and men wearing shoulder-bearing dri-fit tank tops to guzzle kombucha from a growler. I know it’s comfortable and more importantly sweat-wicking, but it is not THE LOOK. Still, I myself could be considered part of the problem. During these steamy summer months in the Rotten Apple, I will proudly trot through Soho wearing 5” shorts, a polo shirt, and athletic footwear. It’s a look I like to call “disgraced tennis player.” I think I am step above the normies, but maybe…I’m not! Gym clothes that look like gym clothes, maybe, just maybe, should be left in the gym?

Just a few days ago I was alerted to a new brand called YIWO which stands for Yeah, I Work Out. How cool is that? Anyway, they are making really interesting T-shirts, sweats, and, of course, tank tops that are inspired by the golden era of bodybuilding. In this time of overdesigned boutique running brands and $40 HIIT classes with a waitlist, it’s nice to see someone using unexpected references, creating clothes that show you are serious about fitness but also love looking cool.

Founder and avid weightlifter Jason Thome enlisted well-known bodybuilding illustrator Brett Lenger to do a unique series of three t-shirts to launch the new brand. My personal favorite reads “Squat ‘til you puke” because I want everyone I encounter to know that I don’t skip leg day. You can buy it right now at DSMNY. Run (on a high incline)—don’t walk. Always re-rack your weights. See you at GNC, losers!

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