Image via @sh1san13, courtesy of Telfar

For One Day Only, You Too Can Secure the (Telfar) Bag

Good things come to those who wait with the Telfar Bag Security Program.

by Sophie Kemp
Aug 18 2020, 4:00am

Image via @sh1san13, courtesy of Telfar

Who among us hasn’t pillaged the Internet at 2 a.m. like a zombie in search of a Telfar bag that isn’t already sold out? The Telfar Shopping Bag is the people’s bag, the “Bushwick Birkin.” Designed by Telfar Clemens, the bag is inexpensive, it’s chic, and it looks great with everything. The bag has become so in demand that it will often sell out in a matter of minutes on the Telfar website, and has spawned its own meme genre—both for the people that managed to snag one and for those who were left empty handed, cursing the bots of the world—which the Telfar Instagram account dutifully reposts ahead of every new drop. The bots, and the resale vendors, continually threaten the number one ethos of Telfar’s brand: It’s for everyone, and so they’ve come up with a solution.

Enter the Telfar Bag Security Program. On August 19, for 24 hours, the brand will be taking pre-orders of their iconic bags in every size and every color, with an estimated delivery sometime between December and January. So if what you want is a small bag to carry the essentials when going to the club (or the bodega), the medium bag which is big enough to hold a laptop, or the large, which is the perfect weekend getaway size, there’s a Telfar bag for every occasion. And the best part? Everyone looks good in them! As we continue to talk about the ways the fashion system needs to evolve and become more inclusive and sustainable, Telfar is once again showing how it’s done. The bag is made of vegan leather and the Telfar Bag Security program proves that luxury doesn’t need to be something unattainable. It can be something for all of us.