Image of the 6 God by Photo God Ben Park.

The Ultimate T-Shirt About...Canada

Celebrate Drake, toques, and apologizing with this shirt.

by Chris Black
Oct 30 2018, 8:30pm

Image of the 6 God by Photo God Ben Park.

If you know me (congratulations!), it is no secret that I love Canada. My personal and professional lives are chock full of sweet, well-meaning people with that slightly funny accent. I am not sure what it is about these people, but I just can’t get ENOUGH. Maybe it’s my polite Southern roots that make me feel an instant kinship with our toque-wearing friends from the North who just can’t stop apologizing. It could be the music. I mean, who doesn’t love Feist, Drake, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Daniel Lanois, and Shad (LOL, jk)?

I will talk to my therapist about it. (Yes: I make a living writing about T-shirts and tweeting and yet I still need to see a therapist.)

Anyways: when I was scrolling Instagram’s famous explore page a while back, I stumbled upon a small T-shirt brand called Graphic Content. It seems to have been created by a cool Canadian skateboarder who knows how to use a Xerox machine and listens to a lot of DMX. When they released a simple white t-shirt with a powerful graphic that referenced my favorite thing, the internet, I was in! This shit looks punk: my man put a spiderweb over the earth and labeled it “World Wide Web.” This is a T-shirt I will actually wear. It references my punk roots and my beloved information superhighway. Log on, losers!

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