Cast Your Webby Vote for Instagram Star Breadface's ASMR Fine Dining

In our Webby-nominated video, the enigmatic, carb-loving celebrity samples the best breads, wearing jewelry by Sidney Garber.

by GARAGE Magazine
Apr 18 2018, 6:41pm

No one loves carbs quite as much as Breadface, the anonymous Instagram sensation who’s cultivated a devoted following addicted to watching her smash her face—sometimes aggressively, other times gracefully—into various baked goods. Her particular brand of mindless entertainment involves watching the anonymous pastry fan take down a Balthazar bun, or savor the snap-crackle-pop of a crispy croissant. Call it highway-hypnosis for the digital age, but the near universal confusion that follows the black hole of a good Breadface binge almost always begs the question: How did I get here? Or, more importantly: Why did I stay?

Today is the last day to cast your Webby vote; GARAGE humbly requests your consideration of Diamonds May Be Forever but ASMR Is Here to Stay as this year’s best weird social content, which seems, you know, about right. Vote here!