Courtesy Paco Rabanne

We Invoke Thee, Paco Rabanne, We Invoke Thee

Watch the French label's new short film, "The Apparition."

by Laia Garcia-Furtado
Sep 9 2019, 1:59pm

Courtesy Paco Rabanne

Reviving an iconic fashion label is never easy, but since 2014 the designer Julien Dossena has been at the helm of Paco Rabanne, known for its futuristic mod offerings, and has been quietly bringing its ethos to the 21st century. Recently, he enlisted filmmaker Raphaël Gianelli-Meriano to write and direct a short film that takes clothes from the label's pre-fall and fall 2019 collections—a maximalist fantasy with floral velvets, hammered silks, leopard print, and of course metal paillettes—and has them come alive in a beautiful (haunted?) Château de Millemont in the French countryside.

The short film, which stars actresses Christa Théret and Nilaya Bal, singer-songwriter Flora Fishbach, and the model Nora Attal, manages to convey a lot of emotion (ennui!) in its two short minutes, but it is the final scene that best captures the spirit of Paco Rabanne. As the camera pans into a room, with candles burning by a fire place, we find the four protagonists, their hands spread out in front of them, conjuring—or are they worshipping?—the spirit of a disco ball.

september 15, 2019