We Absolutely Need a Pair of Chanel Eyeglasses With a Chain

Not actually needing glasses isn't going to stop us from wearing them!

by Laia Garcia-Furtado
Aug 20 2020, 3:15pm

Quarantine did not kill our fashion sense, it’s just made us lean heavier into the things that we really love. Experimentation is welcome, no one is going to see us if we don’t want to be seen.

A lot has been said about dressing for Zoom—meaning from the waist up. And while it’s true that some of us have resorted to “dressing up” by putting on a chunky necklace over whatever t-shirt we happen to be wearing that day, there is some truth to the fact that snazzy collars, jewelry, and a bold lipstick are the only ways to make a virtual fashion statement.

Of course, there’s also eyeglasses. Now is absolutely the time to experiment with a new shape, a bolder look, something totally flashy. New glasses are the quickest way to a makeover. Anticipating this need, starting today Chanel is making their entire range of eyeglasses available for sale online (that’s over 300 products!). There are wire-rimmed glasses, thick retro styles, and cat-eye shapes. But more importantly, there are eyeglasses chains.


Yes, eyeglasses chains. For a few seasons now, different designers have been trying to bring the eyeglass chain back with various degrees of success. They have not been able to shake their grandmother associations (not that there’s anything wrong with grandmothers! we love grandmothers!), and as a result they are very hard to pull off.

And yet suddenly, this image of the model Lauren de Graaf wearing a pair of rounded square, clear lucite lenses with a pearl chain that tucks into the collar of her shirt, and her hair slicked back seems like the absolutely most essential accessory one could possibly add to their wardrobe right now. We are avoiding surfaces, and the combination of wearing a mask with glasses means constantly having to wipe the lenses. A chain is exactly what we need!


We are partial to the pearl style, which also comes in a smoky pearl, but the braided leather and chain style, a staple of the classic Chanel quilted bag also feels like it’s made for this moment. Chic with a sense of humor, a little off-kilter. If subtlety is more your style, then a thin delicate chain, available in gold or silver, might be what you need. Regardless, the point stands. We need a little Chanel chain for our eyeglasses! Some of us don’t even wear eyeglasses, but trust we’ll figure something out.