Photograph by Pietro D'aprano for Getty Images.

My Entire Black Friday Shopping List Is This Crystal-Embroidered Gucci Mask

Rihanna wore it, and now I will, too.

by Rachel Tashjian
Nov 21 2017, 9:45pm

Photograph by Pietro D'aprano for Getty Images.

Maybe you’ve been waiting all fall for the Black Friday sale that will make those Balenciaga sneakers, that Issey Miyake dress, and the perfect Patagonia high-pile fleece all yours. And honestly, good for you! But I personally have one single thing on my post-Thanksgiving shopping list and one thing only, and that is this Gucci Black Crystal-Embroidered Mesh Mask.

This Gucci Black Crystal-Embroidered Mesh Mask was a part of the house’s Fall 2017 collection, and promises to cover your entire head in crystal-embroidered mesh. On the runway, it was shown with a full crystal bodysuit, styled under a shredded Gucci tank and sloppy jean cutoffs studded with grommets, like a space fencer ready to say "en garde" at a metal concert on Mars. And if you think Rihanna didn’t wear the entire look head-to-toe to Coachella, then you are just wrong:

As this website has stated many times before, we can’t all be Rihanna, but Black Friday will allow you to own the same mask as Rihanna. (Most celebrities get you to buy a pair of sneakers or a perfume or maybe a cool jacket from a designer you’ve haven't yet heard of. Only Rihanna gets you to buy a mask.) You cinch it behind your head with a grosgrain ribbon and suddenly you look amazing in a selfie taken from any angle because no one can see your actual face. But perhaps you have a few questions: Can you see with it on? Is there perhaps a better allocation of $980 of your dollars? Where will you wear it? But the joy of an accessory like this Gucci Black Crystal-Embroidered Mesh Mask is that there is no "occasion" wear it, so it’s appropriate to wear everywhere. Forget those people who tell you they’re glamorous because they wear fur coats just to go to the grocery store: you wear a Gucci Black Crystal-Embroidered Mesh Mask just to leave the house. So set that alarm for Friday, when Black Friday comes to, because there are only a few Gucci Black Crystal-Embroidered Mesh Masks in the world, and you want at least one of them to be yours.