Couresty of Michelle Pfeiffer

A Necessary Exploration of Michelle Pfeiffer's Iconic Instagram

"Sometimes it’s still overwhelming," Pfeiffer tells GARAGE, "but at the time same time, I’ve started to have some fun with it."

by Evan Ross Katz
May 15 2019, 1:44pm

Couresty of Michelle Pfeiffer

The date was January 16, 2019. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi suggested the President delay the State of the Union. A #MeToo-inspired Gillette ad was sparking controversy. And Rapper Cardi B was tweeting "Why am I trending?" (She had slammed the government shutdown).

But all of this was foisted into the background by a single Instagram post. "MEOW Instagram," read the caption from actress Michelle Pfieffer, who's often been described as Garbo-esque in her privacy. She accompanied the caption with a video of her entrance as Catwoman in 1992's Batman Returns. It felt, if I'm recalling without hyperbole, like a significant shift in the gravitational pull of our planet.

Pfeiffer has been, until recently, a part of a small selection of A-list actors including Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone and Sandra Bullock, all of whom had evaded the platform's cultural omnipresence. But that list has begun to diminish over the past year and a half. Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman both joined Instagram in January 2018. Julia Roberts did the same in June. By December, Glenn Close finally caved and downloaded the app.

But with Pfeiffer's grand entrance onto the platform came questions about what sort of IG presence we would get. Would we get the Goldie Hawn approach? A mixture of antics and family life. Or perhaps the Jada Pinkett Smith direction? More brand oriented and throwback-y. Or would she take a clue from Close, and make it more personal video diary-esque? Questions remained. And now, 52 posts deep, I am proud to report we have some answers.

“At first, I was really nervous to join," Pfeiffer tells GARAGE. "But after I did, I realized I have much more control over it than I thought I would. Sometimes it’s still overwhelming, but at the time same time, I’ve started to have some fun with it. Especially with Henry Rose,"—her sustainable fragrance brand—"it is a great way to see how our customers are responding to the product in an honest, authentic way. We’ve really begun to build a great community around the brand on Instagram and it’s been amazing to watch.”

She began her journey with some throwbacks via Grease 2, some previews via Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, plus an introduction to her cat, Bella Blue, but little into who she was. That quickly changed.

On February 21, things got whacky with some spirited dancing—albeit two seconds only. It felt like the dimming of the lights before a Broadway show, a clear indication of what was to come.

On March 12 we finally got our first selfie. "Worth the wait," would be the critical reception if critics paid attention to milestones such as this.

March 22 proved a gamechanger when Pfeiffer uncovered her old bullwhip. "Needs some TLC," she quipped straight-faced and stunning.

On April 1 she cracked that whip. ASMR enthusiasts had no idea what hit them.

On April 13 she shared a selfie featuring a sweater she'd burned over a candle. When will your fav? Luckiest candle on earth.

On April 15 she subconsciously put peanut butter M&M's back on the map—shareable size only.

On May 2 we were treated to her most iconic throwback yet, a behind the scenes look at the making of Catwoman.

On May 13 she spritzed herself. You could practically feel the moisture, she's that powerful.

Michelle Pfeiffer, thank you for joining Instagram. — Society writ large

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