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Fashion Horoscopes: The Signs as 'The Devil Wears Prada' Outfits

Are you the cerulean sweater, or the newsboy cap with pearls?

by Courtney Perkins
Apr 11 2019, 4:16pm

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To be clear, I’m not saying Miranda is an Aries. That’s a whole other discussion. (Although, I will note that Anna Wintour is a Scorpio sun/Aries moon…) But honestly, I couldn’t NOT include this enormous red fur coat. It’s so funny. It’s so ridiculous. The only other sign that could pull it off is probably Leo, maybe Scorpio or Sagittarius. Like an Aries, it’s intense, it’s bold, it’s spirited, it’s a statement, it’s announcing its presence the second it enters a room. It speaks for itself. Aries has the audacity to wear this.


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Taurus is represented by a chiller outfit, as Andy returns to her roots. Taurus’ earthiness is coming through with the leather jacket. Andy is going back to being herself, a little bit wiser and a little bit more chic. Taurus is a fashionable and luxury loving sign with an eye for longevity and quality so it makes sense that they would be one of the only outfits from this movie that holds up to this day!


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No one pulls off a transformation like a Gemini! This is Andy‘s first look after raiding the closet with Nigel - an iconic makeover moment. As a mutable sign, Geminis adapt to their environments fluidly, rather than forcing their environment to adapt to their wishes. Here, we see Andy adjusting to Runway’s fashion-forward culture, and learning how she needs to change if she wants to succeed in her job. Gemini as fuck.


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Ruled by the moon, the sign Cancer is strongly linked with divine femininity, associated with empathy, intuition, and the realm of emotion. Here, Andy’s polka dots feel less severe than some of her other looks. This look doesn’t share the “I’m A Great Assistant, Look How Professional I Am” vibe that some of Andy’s other looks have. In this outfit, Andy is polished, but more subdued and laid back. She looks like the girl at the office who you ask for a tampon when you forgot one, which is a good thing.


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How is this Jackie O moment so regal?? No really, Andy somehow looks like a princess? Like this is some pregnant Kate Middleton shit. Leos are known for having an air of nobility. They’re the royalty of the zodiac - brave, stylish, desirous of the finer things in life, with a knack for earning respect and gaining authority positions. In this look, Andy is exuding Leonine confidence.


Pre transformation:

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Listen, someone was going to have to get this iconic cerulean sweater and terrible vomit-colored, patterned skirt. It’s not that Virgo is the least stylish sign; there is no least stylish sign. But if you google Virgo or Virgo rising style, you’ll see a lot of words like “modest”, “reserved”, and “clean”. It all sounds very “Gap solid colored sweaters.” Like Andy, Virgos can sometimes take themselves too seriously, and see themselves as above engaging with fashion. They’d rather commit to the work and prove themselves through their dedication to their jobs, their reliability as friends, their excellence in other fields. And YET…

Post transformation:

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Virgos are perfectionists. They do everything with an eyefor detail and a desire to do well. The Virgos who reside in the realm of fashion give true care to their looks - think Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, *Tiffany Pollard voice* Beyonce?? So when Andy decides to take her clothing more seriously for the sake of her job, she does not half-ass it. The winter white tailored coat holds up!


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Here we have Andy in a cute outfit, in Paris, tossing her phone into a fountain! This one’s for the girls who have ever been thoroughly ghosted by a Libra! (For the sake of her own sanity but like, Libras gonna Libra). Libras are Venus-ruled, and therefore one of the signs best suited to the fashion world, as they have an innate understanding of aesthetics and beauty!


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Per usual, Scorpio rocks a solid black look for a splash of slinky sex appeal. This Audrey Hepburn moment at the Runway gala has even Emily say, “Oh my God, Andy, you look so chic.” Scorpios often come off as naturally intriguing, and here we have Andy looking like she belongs in Casino Royale. Between the cameras and her secondary love interest Simon, people at the gala can’t get enough of her. She’s a woman of mystery dressed to impress.


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The James Holt bag! Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is the most naturally lucky sign. Good things just happen to Sagittarians! Sure, they have great attitudes too, but face it. The sign most likely to meet the designer of the bag they’re literally wearing is totally Sagittarius. Also, the boho vibe of this giant distressed leather, fringe bag screams “Take me on vacation! I can hold all of your sunscreen and souvenirs!”


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Okay first of all, this outfit is golden and debatably my favorite of the bunch. Secondly, this is when Andy is truly on her assistant shit. She’s at the top of her game. She’s climbing the ladder, mastering her job, getting shit done. Capricorns are renowned for their work ethic, professionalism, and ability to set aside feelings to get a job. Like, their hurt feelings. Definitely among the signs most likely to survive Miranda Priestly, if not become Miranda Priestly.


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Aquarius’ dumb ass is the only one who abuses accessories enough to deserve this look. This was probably a really cool and cutting-edge outfit in 2006! And Aquarians are cool and cutting-edge! Iconoclasts ruled by Uranus, the planet of sudden surprises and changes, Aquarians enjoy shocking people and taking risks with their fashion. This hat though... Loved her in Newsies...


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Pisceans just want to go with the flow. They’re down with whatever. You make the plans. We’ll see if they show up, but, you know. They follow where the wind takes them, just like this billowing dress. This is also Andy’s softest post-transformation look. The rest of them scream, “You will be desperate to take your bra and shoes off at the end of the day,” but Pisces dislikes being constricted. Flow on, Pisces.

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