Photo illustration by Claire Smight.

A Lemonheads T-Shirt for Those Who Accept No Imitations

A long sleeve tribute to the certified alternahunk classic "My Drug Buddy."

by Chris Black
Oct 24 2017, 2:56pm

Photo illustration by Claire Smight.

When it comes to t-shirts, I am ok with bootlegs, reproductions, and knockoffs. But with this one, I desperately need the real thing. The Lemonheads released the single "My Drug Buddy" from their breakthrough fifth studio album It's a Shame About Ray in 1992, and as you can probably deduce from the title, it's about buying and using drugs. The song is a mellow acoustic ballad penned by the band's doe-eyed leader: certified "alternahunk," slacker fashion plate, and former Jenny Jones Show musical guest, Evan Dando. "So Long Slobs...Hello, Hunks!"

The song's promotional t-shirt, a black long sleeve with two girls in yellow dresses holding hands on the front, features "My Drug Buddy" printed in yellow down the sleeve. In 2017, vintage band t-shirts are ubiquitous; some might even say boring and predictable. But this one is for the real heads, a throwback to an era when seeing someone wearing your favorite band's t-shirt meant that you had something in common, that they had good taste, that you could maybe even be friends! If nothing else, the "My Drug Buddy" t-shirt advertises excellent taste in morose junkie ballads AND graphic t-shirts—two things I hold, and want to wear, very close to my heart.

Chris Black's friend's t-shirt on a dirty Southern driveway. That sleeve!
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