Who else but Ben Park could have made history in this way?

A T-Shirt for Future, the Greatest of All Time

He has a Fendi store in his house! He’s got a Bentley garage in his house!

by Chris Black
Dec 20 2018, 7:51pm

Who else but Ben Park could have made history in this way?

Fucking finally: 2018 is coming to a close. I gave you guys countless t-shirts to lust after. Week after week I hit you with BANGERS ONLY. It’s only right that I end the year with yet another hit. One that features the only modern rapper that matters:

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn.

AKA Meathead.

AKA Future Hendrix.

The Atlanta legend that has consistently blessed us with such classics as “March Madness,” “Jordan Diddy,” “Same Damn Time,” “Perkys Calling,” and of course, "Codeine Crazy." The man is a machine, the only person not slowed down by opioid abuse! He actually makes songs that are upbeat and club appropriate, not like all that depressing Soundcloud shit your boyfriend listens to.

After a week in Los Angeles, I returned to my office and sifted through my mail. I immediately reached for the oversized silver bubble mailer, and ripped it open to reveal a vacuum-packed t-shirt. I used my trusty X-Acto blade to discover a thick long sleeve that featured a full-color image of king Future relaxing in an Eames chair (Freebandz!) with full credits on the back. It was a Christmas gift from a dear friend (another Atlanta legend):

Daniel Hall.

AKA Decatur Dan.

His company Where It’s Greater had recently produced an Amazon Music spot featuring Future. The lesson here: Future is better than Frank Ocean, and every milestone, professional or personal, should be commemorated with a t-shirt. Merry Christmas

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