At Bode, History Repeats Itself—In Pants!

Bode is offering custom cords inspired by a century-old college tradition.

by GARAGE Magazine
Nov 14 2018, 10:42pm

Bode! We love Bode. A CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist and GARAGE favorite, Emily Bode makes trousers and jackets patched together from antique textiles, particularly old quilts. As she told us when we profiled her this past February, she makes clothing for men from women’s history.

Now, Bode is introducing a new capsule collection of yellow cords, which sounds delightfully niche but is actually, like all of Bode’s pieces, freighted with history. In the early 20th century, seniors at Purdue University began elaborating decorating yellow corduroy pants with doodles and drawings representing their clubs, Greek organizations, home states, cars, favorite instruments, boyfriend’s names, and more. Inspired by this tradition, Bode will now sell its own “senior cords”: once you place your order, you’ll receive a questionnaire and schedule a phone interview with the studio to determine how they will customize your cords. This would make an amazing holiday gift for the coolest person in your life. Forget Decorative Gourd Season—it’s Senior Cord Season! And consider this another milestone in the Great Prep Revival of 2018.

This past Sunday, Bode celebrated the new capsule with a National Cord Day party in the studio, and shared images of the cord festivities with GARAGE. Check out the images below to get inspired, and place your order at