Will Tom Hardy accept this rose??? Only photo illustrator Ben Park knows the answer.

A T-Shirt for Those Who Live and Die by Celebrity Gossip

If you love Perez Hilton, TMZ, and the Daily Mail, this is the shirt for you.

Jul 10 2018, 2:47pm

Will Tom Hardy accept this rose??? Only photo illustrator Ben Park knows the answer.

I am not afraid to admit my love for celebrity gossip. I know it’s an empty and hollow pursuit, but the stupidity of it all brings me joy. I think back fondly on the days before TMZ took over, before the Daily Mail ran the show, when a chubby Cuban gay man was blogging from a Coffee Bean in West Hollywood. That little blog, PageSixSixSix.com (best name of ALL TIME), went on to be Perez Hilton. He tirelessly and unapologetically covered the mid-aughts celebrity shit show with his signature style of decorating paparazzi images using a crude MS Paint scrawl. It was a simpler time. Lindsay and Paris were friends. There was a line at Hyde. Kitson was causing traffic jams on Robertson. Urth Caffe didn’t have oat milk!

The author in 2008 with Perez Hilton! What a night! What a world!

One topic that is relentlessly covered by all tabloids is the royal family. I love British stuff, such as Sienna Miller, but for some reason, I cannot make myself care about royals. This year, when the hunky Prince Harry married former USA Network actress Meghan Markle, the Daily Mail was covering it so heavily that I couldn’t really avoid it. I clicked through the images of the celeb guests. Posh and Becks...Serena Williams and that rich nerd she married...even James Blunt got an invite, and I am basically as famous as him!

Everyone looked fine—lots of men in tails and women in those traditional ugly hats. But one image stood out: the world’s sexiest man, Tom Hardy, premiering a bald head (he is playing infamous American mobster Al Capone in a film—extremely foxy). For some wonderful reason, Stugazi has put the image of a seemingly dazed bald Tom Hardy on the front of a white long sleeve t-shirt. It’s very rare that my two passions—celebrity gossip, and t-shirts—commingle. This is my royal wedding.

Photograph courtesy of Stugazi.