I Need To Know More About Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio's 'Shared Love of Pottery'

The bros who sculpt together, stay together.

by Emma Specter
Jul 23 2019, 4:11pm

There are many ways for famous men to cement a friendship—going to a Knicks game, eating at a Ludo Lefebvre restaurant, or, if it's the early aughts, playing competitive high-stakes poker.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, though, no longer feel the need to fuck with any of those high-bro-quotient bonding activities; the Sun recently reported that the pair has come together over a shared love of sculpting. (Extremely 'Bart Simpson at the chalkboard' voice: I will not make a Ghost reference, I will not make a Ghost reference, I will not make a Ghost reference.)

A 'source close to the pair' (Quentin?) told the tabloid: "Brad’s got his own sculpting studio at his house and Leo loves coming over to use it." Apparently, Leo brings over sandwiches from Hollywood institution Fat Sal's and the star-studded duo while away the evening making art.

We've long known that Brad was an art aficionado; don't forget, he's boys with sculptor Thomas Houseago, even attending the Venice Biennale by his side, and he told GQ Style in 2017 that he was "working with clay, plaster, rebar, wood. Just trying to learn the materials." This is the first we've heard of Leo's artistic side, though, although it stands to reason that a prolific collector like him might be inspired to create after purchasing a $37 million Ed Ruscha painting.

The Sun reports that the pair "spends their boys' nights creating art until the early hours," which brings me to a series of questions: what does this art look like? Is it small-scale ceramic work, like Seth Rogen's nascent oeuvre, or is it Donald Judd-esque in scale? Who's the ideas man, and who's the physical executor? What's their standard Fat Sal's order? Where will their first gallery exhibition take place? I NEED ANSWERS.

Whatever the pair's art looks like, it's lovely to imagine them dressed in lowkey sweats, hitting the Juul and companionably sculpting together in Brad's studio surrounded by sandwich wrappers as the Kill Bill soundtrack plays softly in the background. Constructive masculinity; we love to see it!

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