Exclusive: Watch Thom Browne's Unicorn Gallop Through Paris

In a new video, model Maggie Maurer takes the magical creature for a walk along the Seine.

by Erin Schwartz
Mar 4 2018, 8:00am

It has never been definitely proven that unicorns aren’t real and, furthermore, aren’t from outer space, which one should keep in mind while watching “Maggie and the Magical Unicorn,” a new short video from Thom Browne. In the video, the elfin Maggie Maurer, cheeks glittered, hair slicked and swirled into a platinum helmet, wears a snow-white corset, a sheer white jacket, and frizzy tulle chaps, and looks equal parts doomed Victorian bride and alien monarch. She leads her unicorn through the still streets of Paris—the most graceful horse puppet since Equus, it trots and tosses its head, diaphanous mane trailing like the tail of a jellyfish, as the pair crosses the Seine. A voiceover (sourced, delightfully, from the 1960s children’s TV show The Clangers) gently suggests we imagine life beyond our terrestrial sphere.

The video, edited by Olivia Boland, references Thom Browne’s Spring 2018 show last year, which featured the versatile unicorn cantering down the runway rather than roaming the boulevards of Paris with its keeper, both of them looking extremely elegant and slightly homesick.

“We can imagine other stars,” the voice in the video intones, “stranger stars by far than ever shone in our nights sky. Planets, too.” If Maggie and the unicorn are heading home to their strange planet, I want a ride.

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