Photo illustration by Ben Park.

A T-Shirt For Getting High On Life, and Weed, But Mostly Life

I’m not an addict!!! I can quit wearing t-shirts whenever I want!!!

by Chris Black
Jan 9 2018, 4:20pm

Photo illustration by Ben Park.

When I was using a lot of drugs, people would always try to talk to me about the high they got from exercise, which they affectionately referred to as “runner’s high.” I would laugh to myself and think, "Have these idiots never combined Oxycontin and Soma on a beautiful fall morning and listened to Cocteau Twins at a high volume?" Truthfully, I thought they were insane.

Cut to today: I have been sober for over a year, and my greatest pleasure in life is exercise. I am an absolute maniac. I work out almost daily, which is probably not even good for me! But guess what: that runner’s high my enlightened friends spoke of back in the day? It’s, well, REAL. Killing myself at Barry’s Bootcamp feels excellent, but more importantly, it does something to my brain. Look, it’s not as good as opiates, but it’s cheaper, it doesn’t make me depressed, and my clothes fit better!

My friend Jason Stewart recently put up a picture on Instagram of a new shirt he had been given by our mutual friend Ariel Stark-Benz, owner of the Los Angeles based brand Mister Green. It is a 70s-style line drawing of a character jogging, and it reads “Runner’s High” across the chest. As a brand, Mister Green “distinguishes itself through a minimalist design sensibility and dedication to a new cultural perspective evolving within smoking culture,” meaning they make very cool stuff that is loosely inspired by weed. But the gear, especially this shirt, speaks to smokers and non-smokers alike. When the weather warms, you can catch me clocking some miles in SoHo, proudly wearing this t-shirt. Getting high has never been easier!

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