Joseph Altuzarra Thinks Fashion is a Universal Language

And his prediction for the future? That we'll start to slow down.

by Ashley Tyner
Mar 5 2018, 7:00pm

In his sophomore showing in Paris, Joseph Altuzarra was thinking about the women in his life. The clothes ranged from tailored and architectural to soft and bohemian, all designed for “my friends and women I know.” His choice of location was similarly personal—La Coupole, the storied Montparnasse brasserie, was a childhood landmark for Altuzarra; he walked past it every day on his way to school when he was growing up in the Left Bank. GARAGE met him at the restaurant for breakfast the day after his show to talk about fashion as a universal language and his creative urge to take things slow.

GARAGE: Why is fashion important right now?

Joseph Altuzarra: Because it’s a common language. We’re living in a time when it’s very hard for factions of people to communicate with each other, and fashion is, I think, one of those ways of communicating and expressing ourselves that is universal and shared. I think it’s important to continue telling stories through that medium.

What’s one word you’d use to describe your mood while designing this collection?

Serene. I was thinking a lot about women who were around me, or who I’d grown up with. My mom was obviously a huge influence, and I have very vivid memories of her getting dressed to go to work at a bank. It always had a strong effect on me.

Finish this sentence: In the future, we will…

In the future, we will go slower. Speaking to a lot of people in the industry, I think we all just want the pace to slow down, and to be able to take the time to work on collections and absorb collections. And let people also have the time to see them in a calmer way.

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