From Gucci to Ariana Grande, the Mini Pig Is the Sleazecore Status Pet

Pete Davidson’s new tattoo is just the latest to suggest as much.

by Emma Specter
Sep 19 2018, 3:49pm

The obligatory celebrity rescue dog named Milo or Bella is sooo five minutes ago; there’s a new pet of the moment in town, and honey, it's a pig.

First Couple of Sleaze Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson made headlines this week when they adopted a micro pig of their very own, with Grande taking to Instagram to flaunt the new acquisition.

Photograph via Ariana Grande's Instagram.

Pete Davidson wasted no time in celebrating his and Grande’s expanding family with a pig tattoo, which ought to pair nicely with his extremely normal ink of Hillary Clinton at the 1995 UN World Conference on Women in Beijing.

The Grande-Davidsons aren’t the only celebs to skew barnyard of late: Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci frequently responsible for dressing sleazegod Jared Leto, Instagrammed his own porcine love affair on Tuesday. Earlier that day, Gucci debuted its second campaign with Harry Styles with animals; this time, he carried a tiny pig in his arms.

But have Pete, Ariana, and Alessandro all fallen victim to the “teacup pig myth,“ in which cute lil’ mini-pigs grow up to be 600-pound farm animals? After all, it's hard to imagine Grande, reigning empress of all things cute and tiny, bringing a Babe-sized creature backstage at SNL or out to shop for streetwear. Sure, George Clooney did it, but his pre-Amal life of confirmed bachelorhood allowed for eccentricities. (“Clooney's been known to joke that Max is the longest relationship he's ever had,” a journalist wrote of the actor's pig in 2006.)

George Clooney with his pet pig, Max, who died in 2006. RIP.

Size isn’t the only difficulty associated with raising a mini pig. According to the American Mini Pig Association, mini pigs “have very specific nutritional needs” and “are quite vocal—they chat, oink, grunt, bark, whine, bellow, shriek, scream, wail, coo, grumble, gurgle, moan and groan.” By the time their wedding day rolls around, will Pete and Ariana be dealing with a giant, groaning gourmand of a pet who won't stop gnawing the end of Ariana's ponytail, or ravaging Pete’s sweatpants drawer?

Exponential growth aside, the pig is the perfect companion for the sleazecore bro; it's messy yet adorable, cuddly if somewhat sticky, oft-maligned for its grossness while being in possession of a fundamentally clean heart. No wonder the unmistakable pink countenance of Peppa Pig graces so much Chinese streetwear!

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