Some Iconic Album Artwork Hits the Equally Iconic Shell Chair

Sit on your Unknown Pleasures Pleasures chair while you listen to your Joy Division original pressing record and think about how you're losing your edge.

by Tyler Watamanuk
Nov 10 2019, 10:45am

In 1979, Unknown Pleasures, the debut album by English rock band Joy Division, was unleashed on the world. Since then, the black-and-white cover artwork designed by Peter Saville, has become as iconic as the music within. Those instantly recognizable squiggly lines (which are actually visualization of radio pulsar waves), transcended the album, and in the mid 2000's became a juggernaut of mass merchandise. These days, you can buy a a shirt-dress emblazoned with the design at Urban Outfitters, on throw blankets and coffee mugs on Etsy, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. (An Unknown Pleasures thong? You got it.) Now, a collaboration between a streetwear brand and a furniture company, means that the stark artwork will finally makes an appearance on an equally iconic piece of furniture.

The chair is part of a more extensive capsule collection from Los Angeles-based label Pleasures, which includes puffer jackets, tote bags, caps, and more. The brand teamed up with Modernica to produce two Side Shell Eiffel Chairs emblazoned with the Unknown Pleasures album artwork in contrasting black and white colorways. Originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948 for the "International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design," (a basic chair now goes for $345), it hit the market two years later and has been a staple of well-designed homes and businesses still then. The Unknown Pleasures Pleasures chair will be available on November 15, so you've got a bit of time to stake out your acquisition plan. It’s a collision of two titans: an iconic mid-century chair that has proven to be just as popular now as back then, and the monochromatic cover art that helped set the gold standard for album design. Each has been beloved by designers of all types and industries for decades yet surprisingly no one had brought together until now.

It was sharp of Pleasures to bring famous artwork to a famous fiberglass chair. It’s such an unexpected-but-perfect pairing that one wonders how it hasn’t happened before. Saville’s artwork is no stranger to this type of high-design collaborations. Back in 2003, the Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons sent an entire collection of luxurious clothes featuring Saville’s graphics down the runway. Even if the artwork feels too popular to be cool, the iconic cover of Unknown Pleasures is perhaps the most enduring image of the post-punk era. And now, you can get it on one of the most beloved chairs of the century—talk about a match made in heaven.
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