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So, Billie Eilish and Takashi Murakami Walk Into a Gallery....

GARAGE hosted an acoustic performance by Eilish ahead of her world tour to celebrate Issue 16: Radical Love.

by GARAGE Magazine
Feb 6 2019, 6:05pm

Photo by Griffin Lipson/

It’s not every party that puts a 17-year-old pop star in conversation with a world-renowned Japanese contemporary artist, but that’s exactly what transpired at the release party for GARAGE Issue 16 at Perrotin Gallery hosted by founder Dasha Zhukova and editor-in-chief Mark Guiducci. Billie Eilish’s teal locks and Takashi Murakami’s streetwear could just barely be spotted among a sea of partygoers, among them Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding, Ladyfag, Wendi Murdoch, Tonne Goodman, Derek Blasberg, and Tavi Gevinson.

Takashi Murakami, Billie Eilish, Dasha Zhukova and Mark Guiducci. (Griffin Lipson/
Alice Longyu Gao. (Griffin Lipson/

Following a magazine signing that had seemingly every teenager in the New York metro area camped out on Orchard Street for a glimpse of Eilish, the party began in earnest when DJ Alice Longyu Gao took the stage, followed by a performance by Eilish herself, which rendered the raucous crowd silent, soaking up every syllable of her eerie, melodic sound. Who says a teen sensation can’t captivate an adult crowd?

Billie Eilish. (Griffin Lipson/
Billie Eilish and Tavi Gevinson. (Photo by Griffin Lipson/
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