Photo by Carin Backoff, Courtesy of J Brand

Michael Halpern Wants You to Disco All the Time

And now you can, thanks to his new collaboration with J Brand.

by Sophie Kemp
Sep 4 2020, 9:30am

Photo by Carin Backoff, Courtesy of J Brand

At this point in my life I will do literally anything to wear a big fit. Picnic in the park with my friends? Time to break out an ostrich feather bustier. A trip to CVS to buy toilet bowl cleaner? Velvet mini dress with a pair of patent leather go-go boots. I am so sick and tired of feeling like getting dressed requires an excuse; Fashion has no rules! It didn’t before and it certainly has none now in These Trying Times. I just want to dress like a ‘70s era Italian socialite named Margherita even if it’s a Tuesday afternoon and I am blogging from home!

J Brand x Halpern_AW20_hi res-13 PH Thomas De Cruz Media.jpg
The snakeprint suit. Photo by Thomas de Cruz Media, Courtesy of J Brand

Michael Halpern seems to be on the same wavelength as me, just look at his collaboration with  J Brand, which you might call a disco fever dream—he’s bringing flares back! One of the best looks in this little collection is a teal snakeskin suit, featuring pants with some pretty serious flares and a bright pink, satin top with an equally serious collar. It’s the kind of thing that would look great under a fog machine at a nightclub, or while taking a business call while on your close personal friend’s yacht.

J Brand x Halpern_AW20_hi res-17 PH Thomas De Cruz Media.jpg
Flares! Photo by Thomas de Cruz Media, Courtesy of J Brand

And then there is the trench! Have you ever seen a movie where a beautiful protagonist opens the door for a paramour wearing only a trench coat? This trench is exactly that. This black leather trench is perfectly cinched around the model’s waist, with big billowing sleeves and a cut-off point just above the knee. Paired with some knee high boots in red, green, yellow, and black, it’s absolutely the kind of thing you’d want to be wearing while a Gloria Gaynor track is playing at an obscene volume.

J Brand x Halpern_AW20_hi res-15 PH Thomas De Cruz Media.jpg
Very skinny, very high rise, and very fabulous! Photo Thomas de Cruz Media, Courtesy of J Brand

There is nothing more powerful right now than wearing a fit that some might qualify as “too big,” to do any task—no matter how small—and Halpern seems to have a deep understanding of this fact. His collaboration with J Brand is the kind of high glam, Grace-Jones-on-a-motor-scooter-aesthetic that feels so very good right now. I’m ready to go to the disco, even if it’s just in my apartment and my downstairs neighbor asks me to please turn the music down!

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