Another piece of literal art by the god-king Ben Park.

A Museum T-Shirt for Real Art Heads

If you can’t get a vintage museum shirt, this is the next best thing.

by Chris Black
Sep 12 2018, 1:00pm

Another piece of literal art by the god-king Ben Park.

Look, this T-shirt trend is massive, but personally, I am a little bored with cool bands, Grateful Dead bootlegs, and even trendy restaurants. I want MORE SUBSTANCE. It’s gotten to the point that I can’t even trust people’s shirts anymore. You might be wearing a Dean & Deluca shirt, but does that mean you really have a passion for local, organic, sustainable produce, and are living for the exact moment when figs come into season? Are you really riding for Jerry Garcia, or do you just follow the goddess Naomi Fry on Twitter? Do you even listen to Spacemen 3???

Wow, sorry, back to the assignment. I have seen museum T-shirts making the rounds on some of my favorite vintage accounts, and I don’t think they are getting the attention they deserve. There is no better way to let people know you are a snob than to wear an expensive perfectly destroyed vintage ’90s MoMA T-shirt.

But maybe you can’t find your size, or perhaps you don’t want to spend the big bucks? Don’t worry, I have the antidote (*Travis Scott voice*). Photographer Chandler Kennedy has made a bootleg tribute to architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright that features the original Guggenheim logo which is still carved into the side of the building. You are basically wearing hieroglyphics but with proper kerning! Stunt on all your graphic design bro friends who still wear Common Projects and APC Jeans. Consider this a first step, and when you are ready for the big leagues, buy a FLW house. That’ll show ‘em!

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