Suki Waterhouse's Brand-New Music Video is Here

Check out "Coolest Place in the World," directed by Sofia Malamute, exclusively on GARAGE.

by Emma Specter
Aug 9 2019, 2:01pm

It can't be denied that the term "triple threat" needs to be excised from all media, but it feels designed specifically to describe Suki Waterhouse's current state. The actor and model—who was previously featured in GARAGE's fall 2015 issue—has steadily been building a musical career over the past few years, beginning with her first single, "Brutally." Now, Waterhouse has collaborated with photographer and director Sofia Malamute on "Coolest Place in the World," a moody yet upbeat track shot entirely on Kodak Super8 and 16mm film. (Come for the music, stay for the absolutely fire suit she wears in the video.)

Check out GARAGE's exclusive premiere of the video below, along with an interview with Suki.

Where did the inspiration for the song come from?

Most of the song came from one night’s conversation with someone I was temporarily crazy about. Theres a line ‘you’re in love with four people’ and it’s about how this person wanted to be with multiple people. The song came from struggle with the despair I felt from thinking I could change their mind. It’s the momentum I have from who I was then and who I’ve become since.

What has it been like making the transition into music?

It’s been something I’ve loved doing that’s just been for myself since I was about fourteen. It took me a long time to put my first song out three years ago but I’m glad I waited. The joy you get from emptying your soul out into a song and sending it out to the world is unparalleled, and I don’t want to stop now.

Did you pull from any other movies, TV shows, music videos, etc. to create the video’s look?

Yeah! I wanted to be some kind of version of Edie Sedgwick but as the little boy from the opening scene of Persona by Ingmar Bergman. I’m obsessed with that movie and how I’ll never really truly understand it. Although I don’t think I pulled off the Edie thing. My friend Sofia Malamute who directed it was one of the first people I played the demo to. We shot it in her friend’s studio in Brooklyn on Super 8. She let me wear her big red socks.

Who are your favorite musicians?

Judee Sill, she was the first artist ever signed to Geffen and had such a crazy life, there’s a Rolling Stone article about her life I would recommend. I love Lucinda Williams, Aimee Mann, Thin Lizzy, Mazzy Star and Fiona Apple.

Finally, where did that epic suit in the video come from?

That was from Armani, they pulled through!