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Fashion Horoscopes: The Signs As 'Game of Thrones' Characters

Are you Daenerys or Cersei?

by Courtney Perkins
May 1 2019, 3:03pm

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Aries: Daenerys Targaryen / Arya Stark / Joffrey Lannister

Daenerys Targaryen: “I will take what is mine with fire and blood.” My girl is confident, full of energy, impulsive as fuck, and down for battle. Leadership skills out the ass. Better at moving forward and attacking new challenges than maintaining the status quo with existing ventures (see: Meereen!). Honestly, she’s more of a conqueror than a ruler. Leo moon for the gregarious nature, Libra rising for the fake diplomacy when really she’s just going to flame you if you defy her.

Arya Stark: Trained fighter. Goes off of passion and instinct. Not afraid to put herself on the line to defend someone else. Scorpio moon to account for reciting her grudges before bed every night.

Joffrey Baratheon: Bad temper. Impatient. Immature. Direct. Wants everything to happen quickly. Not known for his sensitivity to others.

Taurus: Davos Seaworth / Gendry Baratheon

Davos Seaworth: A true ride or die. Loyal as fuck to Stannis the Mannis, with the classic Taurean suspicion of newcomers (Melisandre).

Gendry: Hot! Consistent! Nose to the whetstone (LOL)! Connected to the earth and the natural world! Spends what might be his last night alive fucking! Solid guy!

Gemini: Tyrion Lannister / Petyr Baelish

Tyrion Lannister: Cheeky! Witty! Loves to party! Tyrion is adaptable, with the ability to pivot mindsets after being shipped out of Westeros. Like a Gemini, he’s smart! Mostly useful for his brain, logic, and goofing! With the ability to see all sides of a situation, he makes an excellent advisor.

Theon Greyjoy: Trying to do the right thing, but doesn’t really know how. Changes loyalties. Tries to adapt to his environment, but can’t ever be fully accepted as a Stark. Tries to change his situation but ends up looking like a sneaky, cocky asshole (and killing children). Gets tortured for a while. Comes full circle. Mutable sign adaptability?

Petyr Baelish: Sneaky! Manipulative! Knows everyone who’s anyone, bitch! The dark side of Gemini!

Cancer: Cersei Lannister / Samwell Tarly / Hodor / the Hound

Cersei Lannister: Okay so here’s my explanation for the Lannister twins. Of COURSE Cersei and Jaime are twins. Of COURSE. But could it be argued that Cersei was born mere hours before her brother, thus making her a Cancer sun and him a Leo sun? Yes! Cersei is a Cancer with a Scorpio moon. She’s manipulative, vindictive, and at the end of the day, she only really cares about her family (minus Tyrion - he can choke) and her children. The sign Cancer can sometimes be underestimated because in general, Cancerians use their powers for good, but Cancer is cardinal sign! They’re tenacious, protective, brave, and can really sink in the claws when it comes to the people they love!

Samwell Tarly: Caring! Healing! Great friend! Family man! Gentle, but strong!

Hodor: Eternal devotion.

Leo: Jaime Lannister / Catelyn Stark / Robert Baratheon / Yara Greyjoy / Khal Drogo

Jaime Lannister: Lannister Twins Theory Part Two. Jaime is a Leo - a lighter soul than his sister Cersei. He grew up as the shining golden boy, excelled in everything he pursued, and became The Best swordsman in Westeros (before his hand got chopped off, whoops). The general impression he leaves is “Damnit you’re so cocky and pretty but unfortunately your charisma is off the charts and I like you despite myself!”

Catelyn Stark: Protective! Brave! Passionate! Matriarch vibes! Fuck you Jon Snow, you are my personal walking embarrassment, therefore I hate you!

Robert Baratheon: Loud! Swashbuckling! Prideful!

Yara Greyjoy: Heroic! Kind! A ruler the Iron Islands can trust!

Khal Drogo: A crown for a king, baby.

Virgo: Brienne of Tarth / Ser Jorah Mormont / Grey Worm

Brienne of Tarth: Giving, helpful, and reliable as fuck. At first Brienne’s pure loyalty and devotion made me think Taurus, but her peak fulfillment comes through work and feeling useful, not through romance or family. She’s also set up her life so that she’s always traveling, adjusting to new places and things, which sounds very mutable to me.

Ser Jorah Mormont: Acts of service as hell. Constantly sacrificing himself for woman he loves. Shrewd mind.

Grey Worm: Knows what’s up, but is still gonna keep his head down. Clearly highly intelligent, but without pretense, arrogance, or personal stake/manipulative tactics.

Note: I didn’t mean to make every Virgo a soldier, but honestly, mood!

Libra: Sansa Stark / Margaery Tyrell / Missandei

Sansa Stark: First of all, Sansa Stark has come a long way, and anyone who says “Sansa sucks” or “Sansa is so useless” is probably sexist and I lump them in with people who hate Skyler from Breaking Bad! This is the author’s opinion and I’m not taking it back! Fuck you for not appreciating female arcs! Sorry we can’t all be assassins!

Anyways. So I think Sansa is a Libra. I think her other placements must be more emo or awkward, because she can definitely lack the Libran layer of charm at times, but this is where I ask you to factor in her years and years of trauma. At the start of the show, Sansa was pure, childlike Libra energy - all princess dreams and wanting to get married. But now? She’s grown into the more muted Libra traits: she has a logical mind. She’s rational, and needs things to make sense (see: Battle of the Bastards). She’s no longer swayed by fantasies. She’s learned the game, and understands the way people work.

Margaery Tyrell: Margaery is the most obvious Libra I’ve ever seen in my life! Beautiful, charming, friendly, kind hearted! Can get along with anyone! Master of body language and reading people! RIP Margaery, truly one of the best characters.

Missandei: Deals in the art of helping people understand each other. Graceful, kind, and level headed. Seeing Missandei talk to Daenerys when she’s in “I Will Watch Them Burn” mode is like watching a Libra talk their fire sign friend down from the conclusion they jumped to.

Scorpio: Melisandre

Melisandre: Freaky, spiritual, mysterious, and sexual. Gonna make you uncomfortable with this intense eye contact. All about transformations and life cycles. Titties out.

Just gonna throw it here that I think Arya, Cersei, and Jaime all have Scorpio moons. Maybe more! I don’t know! This whole show feels like a Scorpio. Like turn up the brightness on that last episode am I right??

Sagittarius: Tormund Giantsbane / Bronn

Tormund Giantsbane: Says whatever comes to mind. Straightforward, honest, and goofy. Always down for an adventure, like going on a quick camping trip north with his buds to pursue the White Walkers. Enthusiastic and optimistic.

Bronn: Active, fiery, cheerful, blunt, and honest, with a great sense of humor and an invested sex drive.

Capricorn: Jon Snow / Nedd Stark / Tywin Lannister

Jon Snow: Knows best but not being a dick about it. Easily trustworthy with natural leadership skills. Responsible and committed to doing what’s right. Calm disposition, but always looks worried that something’s going to go wrong. A bit of a pessimist. Strong commitment to duty and what a person SHOULD do.

Nedd Stark: Traditional patriarch. Good husband, father, and brother. Taught his kids good values. Serious. Grounded in reality. Too moral for the world of Game of Thrones.

Tywin Lannister: The dark side of Capricorn. Ruthless ambition with a heavy focus on maintaining status as the wealthiest and most prominent family in Westeros. His coolheaded pragmatism and shrewd eye makes him prone to shelling out harsh criticism. Expects the best from his children and then eternally scowls at them when they don’t deliver.

Aquarius: Lord Varys / Ygritte

Lord Varys: Extremely intelligent and analytical. Friendly, and good at welcoming newcomers to King’s Landing. Deals in information and sees knowledge as power. Always stands out as completely singular amongst the people of Westeros. Shares the Aquarius humanitarian streak. For all of Varys’ sneakiness and underhanded tactics, his intentions are good. He aims for peace. When asked by Nedd Stark who he truly serves, he replies, “The realm, my lord. Someone must.”

Ygritte: Can’t be locked down. Can’t be tamed. Too independent. Pretty arrogant, very exciting, down to fuck in a cave. Knows more than you, obviously. You know nothing Jon Snow.

Pisces: Bran Stark / Jaqen H’ghar / Tommen Baratheon

Bran Stark: The Three Eyed Raven is a Pisces! Just think: a creature that mysteriously knows the entire history of the world. Can intuit everything. Knows what you’re going to say before you’re going to say it. Appears to be napping when in battle.

Jaqen H’ghar: That spiritual shit tho! This is that Pisces mutable life of trying on different faces to see how other people live. No one can empathize like a Pisces, because Pisces don’t just sympathize and feel bad for you; they actually put themselves in your place and imagine what you’re going through. It can be hard for Pisces to separate their feelings from the feelings of those around them because they want so badly to help. Jaqen H’ghar has a set of rules to prevent issues like that, but the principles remain: you need to take yourself and your own preconceived ideas out of a situation before you can truly understand another person.

Tommen Baratheon: Too gentle to lead this evil kingdom. Just wanted those sweet, sweet Margaery kisses. RIP.

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