Ben Park, LLC of our hearts, made this beautiful photo illustration.

A24’s Merch Is as Good as Their Movies Are

And it proves that the marker of a great small business is great merch!

by Chris Black
Aug 6 2018, 5:38pm

Ben Park, LLC of our hearts, made this beautiful photo illustration.

I remember when I got my first LLC. It was in the glorious mid-aughts, I was young and sprung on adrenaline, music business money, Veuve, and mediocre cocaine. I wasn’t just some dude—I was a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER. I had to pay different taxes and memorize a tax ID number, the people at American Express treated me differently, and I even went to a separate window to make deposits at Bank of America. I live for special treatment!

But what makes a small business a small business? Let me tell you a story with a real cinematic ending. A24 is the white-hot entertainment company behind all of your favorite movies. Literally, these guys can’t miss: they put out something like once a week. The pace is staggering. The Harmony Korine cult classic Spring Breakers put them on the map and was followed by a string of home runs like Ex Machina, Room, Amy, The Lobster, Moonlight, Oasis: Supersonic (!!!), 20th Century Women, Lady Bird. I could go on, but you get the picture (LOL).

And like a lot of smart small businesses, they have started dipping their toes into the visibility-building and highly profitable arena of merchandise. They have trickled a few cool things out in the last year, but with the release of this black embroidered T-shirt, I feel like they have really hit a stride! Embroidery screams sophistication. Luxury. It demands respect! The concept is simple, listing the official company name with—you guessed it!—the LLC and the founding year, which is the great equalizer. The wearer could be the president of the company, a Greta Gerwig fanboy, a Brooklyn type who doesn’t shower much and really loved Good Time, or the janitor who had to dispose of a giant pile of Woodshock posters. Of course, this piece of affordable merchandise tells people you have excellent taste in movies, but it also shows that you support small businesses, a remarkable statement in 2018. Stick it to the man while you drool over Jonah Hill fit pics as you anxiously await the extended Mid90s trailer.

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