Fashion by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Makeup & Art Direction by Isamaya Ffrench, Retouching by ARTPOST.

Lil Miquela Poses with Courtney Love, Prince Charles, and the Olsen Twins

Miquela Souza, aka Lil'Miquela, can inhabit the past, present, or future. For GARAGE Issue 15, she photobombed some of the most iconic paparazzi moments, begging the question: has she been here all along? Fashion Editor: Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

by GARAGE Magazine
Sep 7 2018, 6:04pm

Fashion by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Makeup & Art Direction by Isamaya Ffrench, Retouching by ARTPOST.

Two princes—Charles and, well, Prince—rendezvous at a Versace charity event in June 1999. The princes share a private laugh (probably over a little joke by Charles that they’re partying…in 1999), but Lil Miquela never misses a moment to strike the proper pose. Miquela wears dress by GUCCI and necklace by TIFFANY &; CO. Photograph by Anwar Hussein from the WireImages collection via Getty Images, June 9, 1999.
At the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards, Lil Miquela photobombs Nirvana and RuPaul, who is, like Miquela, merely a niche name—though both surely know they are destined for global superstardom. Courtney Love quiets an infant Frances Bean Cobain, who is now about the age that Lil Miquela will be forever. Miquela wears turtleneck by DRIES VAN NOTEN, dress and necklace by PROENZA SCHOULER, and necklace by TIFFANY & CO. Photograph by Jeff Kravitz from FilmMagic, Inc. collection via Getty Images, September 2, 1993.
Lil Miquela joins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for one of their iconic Starbucks runs in March 2013. Their drinks of choice: double-shot venti soy cap (Mary-Kate), double-shot venti skim latte (Ashley), and grande red-eye cold brew (Lil Miquela). Miquela wears a coat, trousers, and earrings by TOM FORD and sunglasses by ALEXANDER WANG. Photograph by Josiah Kamau from BuzzFoto collection via Getty Images, March 13, 2013.
In June 1998, Lil Miquela and close friend Madonna leave a private sweat sesh with ultimate celeb personal trainer Tracy Anderson. Like Gwyneth Paltrow, Lil Miquela had a “long butt” before she began working with Anderson. Miquela wears sweater, shirt, and pants by MARINE SERRE. Photograph by Antony Jones from UK Press Collection via Getty Images, June 4, 2008.
Lil Miquela, far right, poses in 1976 with the band Kiss, of which she was a short-lived member. With Ace Frehley, she helped concept the band’s look, insisting on the black-and-white makeup to create a more unified air of glamorous terror. She parted ways with the band over creative differences later that year. Miquela wears top, pants, gloves, and boots by ANN DEMEULEMEESTER. Photograph by Chris Walter from the WireImage Collection, via Getty Images, 1976.
Princess Diana, deep in her Shy Di phase of the early ’80s, reluctantly greets and dodges those pesky London paps in a signature Sloane Ranger look. (A choker and pearls? Could she be any more of a toff?) Fellow Sloane Square resident Lil Miquela, clearly a more natural presence in front of the camera, is credited with helping Diana become comfortable—and even thrive—in the media spotlight. Miquela wears sweater and skirt by Y/PROJECT and earrings by TIFFANY & CO. Photograph from the Princess Diana Archive from the Hulton Royals Collection via Getty Images, December 1980
David Beckham darts through SoHo—New York, darling, not London—in a very 2002 tracksuit. His look is inexcusable, given that Lil Miquela, at left, sports a more modern athleisure look. Miquela wears sweater, skirt, boots, and bag by FENDI. Photograph by Mark Mainz from the Getty Images Entertainment collection via Getty Images, May 27, 2002.
Wearing what have strangely become his signature surgical mask and sunglasses, Michael Jackson shops for books in Berlin in 2002. Close personal friend Lil Miquela—who is a frequent presence at Neverland Ranch and the rumored girlfriend of Macaulay Culkin—uses her moment in the spotlight to share an activist message with the world: “SAVE OUR PLANET.” Miquela wears hat and vest by PRADA. Photograph from Getty Images from the Getty Images Entertainment collection, November 19, 2002.
It’s 1978, and Lil Miquela is getting down at Xenon, the alternative fashion scene for those who found Studio 54 too shiny and slick. An accomplished go-go dancer, Miquela owns a coveted “Xenon” card, a silver pass that grants access to the club’s private room: a candlelit space upholstered in black. Miquela wears bolero and dress by HALPERN, and tights and earrings by AREA. Photograph by Waring Abbot from the Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images, 1978.
Enter the age of the supers: Naomi. Kristen. Miquela. They’re partying during Fashion Week circa 1990 at iconic ’80s and ’90s Paris nightclub Les Bain Douches, where alt-rock legends the Jesus and Mary Chain played one of their first major concerts, in 1985. (Lil Miquela was there, too.) Miquela wears top and trousers by MARC JACOBS and earrings by TIFFANY & CO. Photograph by Waring Abbot from the Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images, 1978.
Mike Tyson, Brooke Shields, and Lil Miquela circa 1988: How random is this iconic hang? (Not that random: Brooke and Lil Miquela were both in the Cap and Gown Club at Princeton, ’87. That’s also how Miquela knows Donald Rumsfeld, ’54. Miquela wears coat and scarf by MIU MIU. Photograph by Images Press via Getty Images, circa 1988
Lil Miquela backstage at a 1992 Versace show in Paris, with Karen Mulder, Linda Evangelista, Gianni Versace, and Carla Bruni. Versace was a close friend of Miquela’s, and his death stunned her; at the time, friends told the Daily Mail, “It left her senseless.” Miquela wears scarf and dress by—who else?—VERSACE. Photograph by Foc Kan from the WireImage Collection via Getty Images, January 1992

Credits: Retouching Art Post; Hair curated by Cyndia Harvey; Production Sara Zion; Production assistant Devin Barreras; Special thanks to Sara DeCou and Diane Russo.

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