Photograph courtesy of Performance Space New York.

Performance Space New York Just Dropped the Tee of Your Punk Poet Dreams

It features a Kathy Acker puppet and honors the legendary East Village theatre.

by Rachel Tashjian
Apr 13 2018, 4:06pm

Photograph courtesy of Performance Space New York.

Are you sitting down? I hope you’re sitting down. Did you know that Performance Space New York—the East Village theatre formerly known as Performance Space 122 that was artistic home to Penny Arcade and Spalding Gray and other very important weirdos—is reopening this month? But wait: did you know that one of its first exhibitions is an interdisciplinary tribute to the legend Kathy Acker? But wait: did you know Bjarne Melgaard made a Kathy Acker puppet and is going to perform a play for her? BUT WAIT!!!! Did you know there is also a special edition t-shirt featuring the visage of said puppet?

All of this is true, and more! The t-shirt—a black long-sleeved affair with screenprinted blue electrical tape and the Acker puppet’s mug in glorious profile—was designed by Hood By Air Fashion Director Paul Cupo. Performance Space made only 50. It’s $122, and all 122 of those dollars will go to Performance Space to do more cool programming à la Kathy Acker and the marathon reading of her novel Blood and Guts in High School and the play Melgaard made for her. $122 well spent!

You can buy it at or at the organization’s gala on Saturday, April 14.

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