Nothing Is Cooler Than Slam-Dunking and This T-Shirt Proves It

A t-shirt celebrating dunk king Vince Carter.

by Chris Black
May 15 2018, 4:54pm

Many of you, my dear readers, consider me an expert on myriad of topics—t-shirts, bands, t-shirts about bands, and bands with great t-shirts—but I am guessing that sports is not one of them. So it may surprise you that before I discovered punk rock and skateboarding, I was a…JOCK! I did it all: baseball, basketball, football, soccerball. Although I only really excelled at baseball (BOOOORING!), I enjoyed basketball most. Unlike baseball, which features chubby guys chewing tobacco while swinging bats, basketball players were ripped and agile, tiptoeing across the hardwood with the grace of a ballerina while wearing cool sneakers. They had attitude and swag on and off the court.

In my teenage years, the slam dunk was the most exciting part of the game. All the superstars were doing innovative and wild shit. (These days, the dunk is much less of an event; it is just a regular part of the game.) Vince Carter is considered one of the best dunkers of all time. At his peak, Carter was the poster boy for athleticism, casually stunting on defenders with finesse and ease. His dunks were artistic: essentially, he made it look easy. People called him things like “Vinsanity” and “Half-Man, Half-Amazing.” (People call me “Chris.”) He is 41 and still playing—a true legend.

Full Court Press is a project created by Kumasi Sadiki, who I follow on Instagram (following people on Instagram is what I do now instead of sports). When I saw his new Vince Carter commemorative t-shirt I had to hit the DMs and see what the story was. Designed by Ronin McGee, the t-shirt has gothic typography on the front that is BOLD and eye-catching. But the back just says “IN-‘VINCE’-ABLE” which really ties it all together. It’s what we call—wait for it!—a t-shirt SLAM DUNK!

Vince Carter