Who else but Ben Park could create such glory?!

A *Yawn* Baldessari T-Shirt, Baby!

From the dark, dorky shores of the New York Art Book Fair.

by Chris Black
Oct 1 2018, 8:47pm

Who else but Ben Park could create such glory?!

People who don’t sit around weeping about posters may not be aware, but the New York Art Book Fair took place at the end of last month at MoMA PS1. I was in Montreal enjoying a belated birthday dinner at Le Vin Papillon and doing hot yoga. I wasn’t that upset, TBH.

The NYABF has become an absolute cool guy shitshow. It’s like they gave every human in Greenpoint a pair of Dickies and access to a Xerox machine. The bar is too low. There is—dare I say it? Do I even dare? Do you double-dog dare me, and will you bet your sold-out snakeskin Palace loafers on my willingness to just say it?!— too much content. BUT: it’s still an incredible place to buy books—if you are willing to sift through the navel-gazing stapled zines, body odor, and snaking bathroom lines.

The NYABF has also developed into a bit of a T-shirt marketplace, which obviously intrigues me, a T-shirt thought leader. A lot of these publishers have added T-shirts to their repertoire, and it makes sense, because the profit margin is much better, and instead of taking like, an hour to read, they take two seconds. Sometimes, you can read them in no seconds at all.

Anyways, while trolling Instagram in Canada (bleak!), I came across this *Yawn* Baldessari t-shirt by Mitsu Okubo that was available at the NYABF. Now, I wouldn’t wear this, it’s a little too silly for me, a Serious Man (but not like the Tom Ford movie), but I love the sentiment and the simple design. Is it a statement on modern art or a rejected Sleepy Jones design? Who cares! Just cop!

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