Photograph by Fotos International via Getty Images.

Nancy Meyers Could Be a Secret Streetwear Goddess

Nancy Meyers: Mommy of the Merch.

by Andrea Whittle
Aug 9 2018, 4:32pm

Photograph by Fotos International via Getty Images.

Nancy Meyers’s name has become a shorthand for moneyed coastal elegance: kitchens with Viking ranges, well-cut turtlenecks, double height living rooms, linen slipper chairs, and wide-brimmed straw hats.

But an Instagram post earlier this week established the screenwriter and director as the owner of an entirely different kind of style trove, one that’s more Jonah Hill than Diane Keaton. A butter yellow The Parent Trap fanny pack, a black tee with What Women Want in magenta across one sleeve, and a Something’s Gotta Give baseball cap and crewneck in the same combination of soothing blue and white as the Bridgehampton beach house where they shot the Jack Nicholson-Diane Keaton film, all arranged neatly on her wide-plank wood floor.

“Big closet cleaning night here,” she wrote. “What do I do with all of these end of shoot crew gifts all these years later? Now it feels too late to toss them out.” She also added a dig at latent Hollywood sexism: “Early in my career they weren’t even given out in women’s sizes so if anyone needs an XXL Father of the Bride sweatshirt lmk.”

Nancy, what do you do with them?!?!?! You call up Columbia Pictures and you put together a limited run of the stuff that would sell out in minutes. The Father of the Bride piece in question wasn’t even pictured, so I assume this means there’s more stuff floating around Los Angeles. Is there a camera operator who owns a couple of It’s Complicated tote bags? A former crane electrician who wears a Baby Boom half zip when he goes out for a morning jog? COULD THERE BE PRIVATE BENJAMIN FLEECES?

In an moment when streetwear is defined by vintage Grateful Dead t-shirts and photos like this one of Hill wearing a Hello Dolly! hoodie with basketball shorts and a camel coat, there’s something so spot-on about the combination of late 90s/early 2000s graphic design and a vibe that somewhere between earnest admiration and semi-ironic repping. These goods are the sort of things people would scour eBay for if they knew they existed (I tried, all searches yield nothing but old Blu-Rays), or consider themselves lucky to have found on the racks at Procell. I could see Justin Theroux carrying the Parent Trap fanny pack slung over one shoulder, Ezra Koenig in the Something’s Gotta Give cap on stage at Vampire Weekend’s next show, some lithe model with the red The Intern tee tucked into cutoff shorts walking out of Skylight Clarkson Square this September.

Meyers’s “lmk” was met with 679 comments and counting, most of them some variation of “I’LL TAKE IT!” A resounding endorsement of the extreme coolness of an XXL Father of the Bride sweatshirt. Maybe they’ll inspire her to dress her next protagonist in vintage cotton instead of draped cashmere.

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