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Frank Ocean is Hawking $99 Worldnet Hoodies

On Black Friday, Frank Ocean officially cosigns the courier collaboration trend, making our merch dreams a reality with a new Worldnet hoodie.

by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson
Nov 24 2017, 7:17pm

Photo by Frank Ocean courtesy of

When Frank Ocean turned up at ComplexCon this month in a royal blue hoodie emblazoned with a white and yellow “WORLDNET" logo, a chorus of hypebeasts, merch junkies, and fans from the farthest corners of the internet all asked the same two questions: “What is Worldnet?” and “How do I get my hands on that hoodie?”

A not-so-small intersection of fashion insiders who stan for Frank Ocean and Worldnet International with equal vigor, knew the answer to the first question—Worldnet is the industry’s favorite luxury logistics company, of course—But the second question was trickier.

The original hoodie was produced in limited edition for corporate gifting, and you had to traffic a significant amount of Chanel to get your hands on one. The mystery of how that sweater made it into Frank Ocean’s wardrobe is one we may never solve, but perhaps the origin story is less important than the legacy.

In what can only be described as a Black Friday miracle, the musician and the international shipping company have finally delivered the hoodie we’ve all been waiting for, and for $99.00, if purchased before 12am EST today, it can be yours...

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