Heyyyy man, another cool guy illustration by one Ben Park.

We Have Hit Peak Grateful Dead Merch

And this shirt is one of the best examples yet.

by Chris Black
Aug 30 2018, 7:11pm

Heyyyy man, another cool guy illustration by one Ben Park.

The outdoors don’t do much for me, unless Tompkins Square Park is considered the outdoors? Anyway, I like a window-down cruise on the PCH as much as the next guy, but camping? I ain’t sleeping outside. I do like a hike, as long as I can get a smoothie rich with superfoods directly after I am finished. What can I say? I don’t like the simple life! I want all the complexity that crisp linen sheets, AC, and WiFi can bring. Sue me! I don’t see rivers producing fresh sparkling LaCroix at perfectly chilled temperatures!

Lately, the Grateful Dead has seen a spike in popularity, due in part to the surge of cool merch being created using their traditional trippy imagery and other general hippie iconography. I mean, Virgil was wearing Online Ceramics a few nights ago while DJing with Drake. Shit is peaking! The real hippie lifestyle includes (cue sad air horn) time spent outdoors: appreciating nature, God’s green earth, and psychedelics done under the stars. Sam Jayne, an art director and designer, combined all this shit into one bonkers (but irie) t-shirt. The white pocket T-shirt includes a Patagonia typeface rip, a yin yang of Arct’eryx’ fossil logo (!!!) and the Nalgene insignia. Fuck camping, I will just wear this in SoHo and watch the heads turn.

The front, man. Photograph courtesy of Sam Jayne.
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