You already know Ben Park killed the graphic once again.

T-Shirts Are an Incredible Business Strategy

This Betty Boop shirt proves it!

by Chris Black
Nov 26 2018, 1:30pm

You already know Ben Park killed the graphic once again.

Because I love visual culture and the hot people who make it, the vast majority of my friends are photographers. They are a talented bunch who all love to complain about not having an agent or about the agent they currently have. They hate shooting e-com, but the money is excellent. The complaining continues: celebrities are never on time, the makeup artist sucked, the client picked the worst photos, digital sucks. You get it.

One of these friends, Rafael Rios, just released a new book called Family, which I love. He started shooting photos of his Latino family in NYC at age 14, stopping at age 23. The book is a real time capsule, an honest eight-year look at an immigrant family’s life in New York City. It’s intimate personal work that is hard to come by in 2018, especially when the photographer lifestyle leaves little time for it.

Anyway, he also made a T-shirt to celebrate the book’s release! I love a genius business strategy. (Hint: “T-shirt” is a business strategy. Saved you an MBA!) Designed by Chris Cardoza, it’s a white tee with a fun graphic of Betty Boop using a Yashica T4. Wearable! Easy to digest! Cool! It was available earlier this month the Social Studies pop-up at Milk Studios. My guess is that it sold out, maybe because that’s what happens when I just think about a T-shirt. (But more likely because it is an extremely good T-shirt.) Of course, I have the plug, so one is waiting for me. I suggest buying the book. You can’t wear it, but your guests will love flipping through it.

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