Screengrab via Twitter.

Menswear Twitter Is Losing It Over Daniel Day Lewis Dressing...Like Them

The ‘Phantom Thread’ star stepped out in a watch cap, glasses, and Carhartt jacket, looking every bit like the ex who just subtweeted you.

by Emma Specter
Dec 4 2018, 8:47pm

Screengrab via Twitter.

Daniel Day Lewis, everyone’s favorite consensually poisoned dressmaker, hit the streets of New York today in a public appearance that sounded the clarion call for what seemed like all of film and menswear Twitter to assemble as one.

The sight of Lewis walking his fairly perfect French bulldog and texting on a park bench (on a flip phone, no less!) prompted what seemed like an inordinate amount of “OMG he's outside!” marveling; Lewis may have quit acting, but he’s not exactly Greta Garbo. The outfit admiration, on the other hand, is more understandable. In a watch cap, glasses, popped collar Carhartt jacket, a navy plaid button-down over a white tee, and trusty khakis, Lewis epitomizes the ineffable vibe of “your Bushwick bartender/blogger boyfriend stepping out for a quick afternoon Juul.” (O, curséd sentence!)

Everyone from GARAGE T-shirt king Chris Black to Esquire deputy style editor Finlay Renwick weighed in on Lewis’s structured, autumnal park look, which he accessorized with a flip phone (note: not an iPhone!) and a plastic bottle of water (note: not a S’Well!). Then, of course, there’s the single hoop earring, which elevates the 61-year-old actor’s look from “NYU creative writing major” to “NYU creative writing major with an ethnomusicology concentration.”

Instantly iconic as the Carhartt jacket is, this isn’t its maiden voyage: Lewis also wrapped himself in it at a MoMA screening of Phantom Thread in 2017, layering it over a striped tee and denim-on-denim for maximum Picasso vibes. Of course, Lewis has long been known as a pioneering king of menswear—pulling off everything from a masc polka dot to a dragon hoodie with aplomb—but something about his “I woke up like this” Carhartt-and-dog combination seems to suit him better than any red carpet look ever could.

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis, writer, director and producer Paul Thomas Anderson and actors Lesley Manville and Vicky Krieps. (Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)

In the high-collared beige coat and cap that captured the internet’s attention on Tuesday, Lewis also bears a striking resemblance to another Twitter icon: the yellow parka’ed guy who initiated a genteel flip-off fight across the dainty, cobblestoned streets of Soho (outside the Ugg store, no less!).

You know what they say: iconic male looks come in groups of two!

The original draft of this story mistakenly referred to Lewis's dog as a pug; it is actually a French bulldog, and may not even be his dog? Is it just a dog in his general vicinity? Please contact GARAGE with any tips.

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