Courtesy Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Wants to Show You "A Night in Shanghai"

The short film directed by Wing Shya, is part of Saint Laurent's SELF project, curated by Wong Kar-Wai.

by Laia Garcia-Furtado
Dec 1 2019, 10:30am

Courtesy Saint Laurent

The Saint Laurent woman—like all women, really—contains multitudes. This is the feeling that lies at the center of Anthony Vaccarello's SELF project, where he commissions artists and directors to work on a short film that explores the different facets and moods of the women that populate his world. For the fifth installment in the series, Vaccarello reached out to the iconoclastic film director Wong Kar-Wai as curator of the project, which resulted in a short film directed by Wing Shya, the 55-year old photographer who is best known for his photographs that incorporate his hometown of Hong Kong as both inspiration and backdrop. Shya and Kar-Wai first met when the acclaimed director hired him to shoot stills of his movies. "I shoot the still but I don't have a box to put the camera inside to decrease the noise," Shya said in a recent interview, "I only shoot when they say 'cut!,' I have only one second to shoot."

That same intensity and purpose is evident in "A Night in Shanghai," his short film for Saint Laurent which premiered last week at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai art district. Shya has built a narrative about a woman trying to find herself, sometimes literally walking a tight-rope, trying to balance her life with the life she wishes she had, with the lives of the women that came before her. The scene is rainy and hazy, but the sly smiles that close out the film show that in the end, that search for balance and that self-exploration, is always worth it.

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