Screengrab via YouTube.

Is The Sports Bra In 'Old Town Road' Fendi or Fenty?

Let's find out together.

by Emma Specter
May 24 2019, 4:18pm

Screengrab via YouTube.

"My life is a movie, bull riding and boobies," sings Lil Nas X in what quickly became the song of spring, establishing right from the top that this is a breast-inclusive banger. Later in the song, Billy Ray Cyrus gets in on the action, singing at roughly 3:54 of the official "Old Town Road" video of baby's need to "have her diamond rings and Fendi sports bras."

Or, at least, that's what I heard at first listen. But is Billy Ray actually singing "Fenty sports bras"? After all, RIhanna did just launch Fenty in Paris, becoming the first black woman to create an original brand with LMVH, and her brand saturation is at a fever pitch right now.

It's somewhat difficult to make out every word from Billy Ray, who's known for his signature country mumble, so we'll just have to look at the evidence.

Fact: The next lyric in the song has Billy Ray "riding down Rodeo in my Maserati sports car." There is no Savage x Fenty store on the famed Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles—all of the brand's pop-ups have, sadly, closed—but there is a Fendi.

Point: Fendi.

Fact: The Genius lyrics for "Old Town Road" list the sports bra in question as Fendi, not Fenty.

Point: Fendi.

Fact: Googling "Fenty sports bra" yields 20,100,000 hits, whereas "Fendi sports bra" yields only 8,590,000.

Point: Fenty.

Fact: There are no bras, sports or otherwise, listed on the Fendi website—though they are sold at Saks, Matches and other retailers—while the Fenty website offers this sporty number in 10 different colors.

Point: Fenty.

Total evidentiary score: 2 points for Fendi, 2 for Fenty. With that tie in mind, I took the question to Twitter:

As of press time, the final tally was 88% for Fendi, 12% for Fenty. The people must be trusted above all, and thus, in the absence of further definitive evidence, we must announce that the sports bra in "Old Town Road" is, indeed, Fendi and Rihanna are now LMVH labelmates, so maybe a limited-edition Fendi x Fenty sports bra will materialize to shore up the Lil Nas X/Wrangler collab.

GARAGE has reached out to Lil Nas X's representatives for comment on the provenance of the sports bra, and will keep you abreast (hehe) of the situation as it develops.

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