Photo illustration by Ben Park.

A T-Shirt for Those Drawn to Sad Music by Odd British Men

NOAH's new collaboration with The Cure is the ultimate case of *worlds colliding.*

by Chris Black
Dec 5 2017, 7:32pm

Photo illustration by Ben Park.

In high school, I loved The Cure. Like a lot of middle-class straight edge white guys with misplaced anger, I was drawn to sad music made by odd British men. I have a particularly fond memory of making out with my high school girlfriend Claire in my Acura Legend in a local Old Navy parking lot while “Pictures of You” played on the six-disc changer. Those were the days.

You know who else loves The Cure? NOAH, particularly its founder, Brendon Babenzien, who I am lucky to call a friend. Babz mentioned the NOAH collaboration with The Cure a while ago, and I was amped. When I finally saw the products, I was over the moon. I was especially drawn to the “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me” long sleeve t-shirt in a color I call pink, but NOAH calls “sangria.” I picked one up on release day like a Grailed reseller going through a well-timed goth phase. I’ve already worn it, and I got some curious looks on the street from both Cure fans and streetwear enthusiasts, which is precisely what I hoped for. I love when worlds collide!

A detail of the shirt!!!!! Wow. Courtesy of NOAH NYC.
The whole sangria. Courtesy of NOAH NYC.