Frank Ocean at Bonnaroo in 2014. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Fashion Horoscopes: The Signs as Frank Ocean Songs I’ve Cried To

Let’s get emotional this Scorpio season.

by Courtney Perkins
Oct 30 2018, 6:11pm

Frank Ocean at Bonnaroo in 2014. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

In honor of Scorpio season, it’s time to walk through the soulful singer’s discography. Just going to field this question early on: did I really cry to every one of these songs? Yes, yes I did.

Aries: “Futura Free”

Where: The middle of the goddamn street in New York

Why: Honestly, this is one of those Frank Ocean songs where just like, one lyric needs to get to you if you’re already in the mood for crying. Does it have to make sense?? Of course not! It could be anything! You’re not making minimum wage and you’re not getting fucked! What’s worse, you’re not even a god!

Taurus: “Chanel”

Where: Privately in an AirBnB I was sharing with two of my friends

Why: That “It’s really youuu on my mind” is some Taurus thinking about their ex again shit! You can sing the whole first verse, go through your whole day, try to be fine, maybe even avoid your ex’s Instagram story for the day and momentarily think that’s progress, and then still get hit with the “It’s really youuu on my mind” and fall to tears!

Gemini: “Nights”

Where: Over headphones walking home

Why: The beat switch, baby! Gemini, the sign of duality, is the best sign to pull off a mid-song mood change. Does this song seem like one you shouldn’t be able to cry to? Think bigger! If you’re in the mood to cry, that shift to “All my night, been ready for you all my night” can feel like a green light for GO.

Cancer: “Strawberry Swing”

Where: In my childhood bedroom listening to this on YouTube

Why: Cancer is the sign most closely connected with nostalgia (*cough* ultra) and the past, and “Strawberry Swing” is a beautiful rendition of the original Coldplay song with lyrics that reminisce about good times. Dwelling on childhood histories over a lovely melody? Cancer!

Leo: “Pink + White”

Where: Really fucking high on my friend’s couch

Why: The swirling melodies of “Pink + White” jibes with classic Leo creativity, and the Beyoncébacking vocals give it a distinctive dreaminess. Leo is an extremely loyal and affectionate sign known for truly valuing their friendships and relationships, so naturally it should be paired with a song that made me cry on the couch with appreciation for the people who have “showed me love.”

Virgo: “Bad Religion”

Where: A Lyft going home, slow tears

Why: Personally, I was kind of drunk and it came on shuffle, and if you listen to the words “Love me” nine times when you’re not paying attention, you can make them mean anything you want. For Virgos and sober me though? This is one of Frank Ocean’s most beautifully written and emotive songs. Virgos can be shy about talking about the things weighing on them, and they tend to impose a lot of needless guilt and shame on themselves due to their critical eye. Let go of your personal bad religion, Virgos!!

Libra: “Thinkin Bout You”

Where: Anywhere a person can breathe

Why: Libra, the sign of love, is always thinkin’ ’bout you. When you’re not around, when they’re at work, when they’re in the bathroom, when they’re paying a ticket online, they’re still thinkin’ ‘bout you. Maybe you’re in the background for a little while they’re focusing on their own shit, but then they see something that reminds them of a conversation you two had, and there you are again!

Scorpio: “Self Control”

Where: Clutching a body pillow in bed

Why: The most emotional, most tender, most Scorpio track of all Frank Ocean songs is “Self Control.” Scorpios keep their walls up in love, and try to protect their hearts! The ultimate lamentation a Scorpio can have is, “You made me lose my self control!” This song was made for tugging on heartstrings, for poignant lyricism, for sobbing so loud that YEAH my roommate Lena had to text me and ask if I was okay, but it’s chill!!

Sagittarius: “Godspeed”

Where: In the car with the window down, wind blowing in my face

Why: When Sagittarius’ relationships fail, they are not vengeful. They don’t blame others, hold grudges, or wish a terrible life onto their exes. “Godspeed” conveys this. As one of the most independent and optimistic signs, Sagittarius believes that you can let go of your claim on someone and still love them and want the best for them.

Capricorn: “Good Guy”

Where: On an air mattress in my living room

Why: “Good Guy” feels like a sweet but somber short story of failed expectations. You want there to be more there, but this one verse is all Frank’s going to give you! Capricorn often withholds big emotional displays, as they truly value their privacy and only ever want to break down in solitude. This one minute is long enough to feel the emotional hit of “Here’s when I realized you talk so much more than I do,” take a sniff, and move on with your day.

Aquarius: “Ivy”

Where: In the solace of my bedroom

Why: Aquarius can be very guarded in love, as they are a very friendly sign and struggle with allowing others into their emotional world. Because they dislike this vulnerability, they often take a light approach to love: “I thought that I was dreaming when you said you loved me.” Still, under the surface, Aquarius is a fixed sign that feels deeply and makes strong attachments. Deep down, the feeling is good.

Pisces: “White Ferrari”

Where: On top of a tear-soaked pillowcase

Why: Shouts out to all of the Pisces, Pisces moons, and Pisces dominant charts that went through breakups in the 2016-2017 year, because this was our song, gang!! Tied with “Self Control” for Saddest Song on the Saddest Album, “White Ferrari” puts you in a dreamy haze at the end of your tears. How tall are we in other dimensions? Join the Pisces Crying Crew and find out.

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