Photographed by Momo Okabe, Fashion editor: Matt Holmes.

Momo Okabe's Tokyo Noir Photography Is as Sexy as It Is Unsettling

The eclectic shapes, color combinations, and all-over patterns of the Fall/Winter 2018 collections make perfect sense in Japan's chaotic capital. Photographed by Momo Okabe. Fashion Editor: Matt Holmes.

Sep 4 2018, 2:30pm

Photographed by Momo Okabe, Fashion editor: Matt Holmes.

Ura wears dress by CHRISTOPHER KANE
On Ura (left): Dress, bra, and panties by CHRISTIAN DIOR. On Yu (right): Coat, turtleneck, and skirt by SACAI
Photographed by Momo Okabe
Yu wears coat and turtleneck by Kwaidan Editions
Dress and boots by MARQUES'ALMEIDA
Jacket, sweater, leggings, socks, and shoes by JUNYA WATANABE
Yu wears coat by TOGA.
Yu (left) wears coat, dress, and boots by SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, Ura (right) wears dress, tights, and shoes by CHLOE
Photographed by Momo Okabe
Jacket, skirt, and shoes by LOUIS VUITTON.
Coat and balaclava by CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC
Photographed by Momo Okabe
Dress, gloves, bracelets, socks, and shoes by PRADA