Photograph by Robert Nethery.

When It Comes to the Runway, Gypsy Sport's Rio Uribe’s Attitude Is ‘The More, The Merrier’

Your family is the group of people who dress with as much tenacity as you. Photographed by Robert Nethery.

by Rachel Tashjian
Feb 5 2019, 2:20pm

Photograph by Robert Nethery.

Radical love is an affirmation of life that radiates outwardly as joy and compassion for yourself and your community. GARAGE profiled an eclectic group of artists, designers, and everyday citizens who have it in spades.

If any American designer embodies the word “radical,” it’s Rio Uribe. The California-based visionary doesn’t merely show in New York, but he shows New York, with runway presentations that are wild with attitude and marvelously unorthodox in their conception of clothing—bottle caps, ropes, chains, and even a stray windcatcher are Uribe’s raw materials.

His idea of affection, or tenderness, or devotion, or however we’re defining that crazy thing called love, is something special, too. If most fashion designers import models and influencers onto their runway as expressions of an exclusive inner circle, Uribe’s attitude is “the more, the merrier.” Everyone from spiritual guru Emilia Ortiz, to “drag kid” Desmond Is Amazing, to Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon has walked the Gypsy Sport runway. Uribe’s models describe it as an electric experience: To walk his runway, in his rough but glamorous ensembles, is to believe in yourself anew. No one is an outsider. Your family is the group of people who dress with as much tenacity as you.

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