Photo illustration by Ben Park.

The Most Exquisite Tie-Dye Clothing in the World

How do you justify charging the price of a pound of weed for a tie-dye shirt? According to Elder Statesman, make it an extremely nice sweater.

Oct 13 2017, 3:52pm

Photo illustration by Ben Park.

Tie-dyeing is a bit like sex: with basic instruction and a good attitude, pretty much anyone can do it with passable results. And, like the style of love advocated by the people who popularized those psychedelic dyed garments in the '60s, tie-dyed clothing is very often free—the fruit of an afternoon at summer camp, or a permanent loan from the Deadhead ex you were simply trying to save from his own questionable taste. How, then, does one justify charging roughly the price of a pound of weed for a tie-dye shirt? Elder Statesman makes it an extremely nice sweater. "When something is that soft and feels that amazing, we just know that it's good," explains founder Greg Chait.

Based in West Hollywood, Elder Statesman makes luxury versions of very L.A. things: ponchos, palm tree motifs, Knicks merch for the bi-coastal, and, yes, tie-dye clothing. Handwoven from middleweight Afghan and Mongolian cashmere, the brand's cream Dyed Regular Sweater looks like a Rorschach test printed in Baskin-Robbins cotton candy ice cream. Currently only available for special order, the Dyed Regular Sweater goes for $1,265, likely making it the most expensive tie-dye you can buy without bidding on something a dead celebrity personally wore to Woodstock. For the slightly less ambitious, Elder Statesman also makes the lighter weight Billy Classic Crew Dyed sweater, printed with either a smoky blue spiral or loose knots of yellow and gray, for $835.