Photo courtesy of Woolrich.

Lauryn Hill in Lauryn Hill Clothing Is Everything (Is Everything)

Hill’​s collaboration with Woolrich drops on October 20.

by Emma Specter
Oct 19 2018, 12:00pm

Photo courtesy of Woolrich.

It’s officially cold out on the East Coast, which means it’s—deep sigh—real “winter coat hours” once again, friends. Fear not, though: you don’t have to resignedly click “Purchase” on the same exact navy J. Crew peacoat every girl on the C train next to you is wearing, because none other than Ms. Lauryn Hill has come through with a signature line of outerwear.

Photo courtesy of Woolrich.

Hill’s collaboration with Woolrich is a unisex capsule set featuring parkas and coats emblazoned with original collages from Hill’s album covers. Per Racked (RIP), the only way to get through the misery of winter is to get yourself a silly winter coat, and a puffy parka bearing the iconic countenance of Ms. Lauryn Hill herself more than qualifies.

Photo courtesy of Woolrich.
Photo courtesy of Woolrich.

Fun fact—Hill has been sewing and designing her own clothes over the past five years, and she came up with over 30 jacket sketches for the capsule collection herself. The collection runs between $2300 to $3300 exclusively at Woolrich, a tech bro’s rent money, but isn’t quite as staggering when you consider that you’re not just buying a coat, you’re buying a piece of musical history. Below, check out behind-the-scenes footage of Ms. Lauryn Hill at a Woolrich shoot!

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